Tenet Group


Friendly financial peace of mind.

Tenet is a multi-award-winning financial adviser support group, providing an extensive range of services to hundreds of appointed representative and directly authorised financial adviser firms across the UK.

The business has different areas of specialism; a financial adviser network, compliance advice, services for mortgage & protection advisers and in-house advice. There were different business names and identities across the group and it was our task to bring everyone closer together under one unified master brand.

Through the process of the rebrand two business lines namely Connect & Lime were consolidated into Tenet Network Services. The compliance consultancy business line named Select became Tenet Compliance Services and the previously named Aspire business became T&Y.

Recognising an opportunity to create a face-to-face physical and digital financial advice brand that could help a large range of regional communities access local financial advice, Tenet committed to reviewing their current group brand strategy and identity to help the business move forward.

Net assets. Backed by Aviva, Standard Life Aberdeen & Aegon

Masterbrand architecture

Research on the brand with advisers and clients showed that the Tenet name was the most identified. We suggested a simpler brand architecture to focus all brand equity on Tenet (Group), in effect removing the three sub-brands in favour of a more monolithic approach, with the divisions using service descriptors.

For the consumer-facing business, which we named ‘Tenet&You’, we recognised that the identity had to be more B2C in its expression, especially as it would have a physical presence as well as a standalone digital experience.

Independent for 30 years

trusted advisors

Helping both customers and advisers over a lifetime, the identity had to be relevant to each of the two main audiences, advisers and customers, with a reassuring and robust group identity and customer business with a warm, friendly, community feel.

The new wordmark is designed for a clean, contemporary feel and a minimalist expression of individuality in the reflected angles of the first and last letters.

‘Having taken the time to deeply understand the essence of Tenet, Someone invented a brand architecture with us which captured what we have always been but crucially what we aspire to become’
Mark ScanlonCEO, Tenet

BrandWorld ASSets

Centred around the idea of ‘Financial Peace of Mind’, the new identity references longevity and long term growth with a clear, natural metaphor of tree rings as a brand asset. The aim was to create an antidote to cold and inhuman robo-advisers and some other overpriced, less transparent national advisor networks.

Both Tenet and Tenet&You use the same palette of warm, natural colours with Freight, a typeface designed by Joshua Darden as a copy typeface, with Tenet aligning with the darker tones of the palette and Tenet&You employing the lighter tones.

Additional consideration was taken with Tenet&You to understand how the brand identity could be used in a physical context, with the plan to open a chain of local offices across the regions.

Images of interiors and signage, courtesy of Design Tonic