Helping business flow.

Based in Heidelberg, Unzer is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative fintech service providers in Germany.

Formerly known as Heidelpay Group, it united several corporate and product companies from its portfolio to build a fast growing modular platform for international payment transactions.

As the businesses in the group came together as a single provider, we helped name and brand the business to support its introduction to the international market, while remaining proud of its Central European roots.


Unzer best merger branding — Transform Awards 2020
Unzer best use of brand property — Transform Awards 2020
Unzer best financial service branding — Transform Awards 2020

The brief for the new name was for something short, memorable and ‘techy’, easily pronounced and to have enough meaning to be able to be adopted by employees as a brand they could believe in.

The name we developed, ‘Unzer’, is derived from ‘Unser’ in German, meaning ‘Our’.

Beyond sector generic proof points of security, speed and ease of use, tech brands depend on ‘character’ to set themselves apart in a well regulated sector.

Unzer’s colour is shamelessly bold, bright and optimistic – an identity built for a vibrant and integrated economy. Its tone is fresh, open and smart, exemplified by all elements of design, from photography, typography to icons and UI/UX.

Essential for Progress
In a time when cash is no longer king and multiple options for electronic payments are becoming the norm, our identity visually represents the many better ways Unzer provides for merchants to do business. Solutions tailored for each merchant are represented by a ‘stack’, an endless flow of payments, imbued with its own life and energy.

We collaborated with The Mill to produce moving assets for the stack representing the core benefits of the business. Our property responds and adapts to its context, from slick animation right through to UI elements and core graphic treatments.

“It’s vital to create visually distinctive identities in heavily regulated markets to be emotionally front of mind amongst heavy international competition.

This is a bold new start for such an exciting business. We began working together just before COVID-19 struck and, somewhat befitting a digital platform, 95% of this project was completed remotely. What made the process flow so well was the willingness to support change and the belief of the internal teams.”

David LawFounder

“SomeOne was the ideal partner in this endeavour – they understood exactly what we needed and exceeded our expectations. Unzer as a brand connects our German heritage with our background in innovative tech. SomeOne delivered a brand experience that perfectly encapsulates who we are and where we see ourselves on the payment market.”

Claudia ZellGroup Vice President Marketing & Customer Experience, Unzer

“Unzer’s new brand identity was designed to unite all their products. We worked closely with the client to create a strategically-led, bold and dynamic identity to communicate the seamless nature in which they run their business.”

Sandy TeaAccount Manager, SomeOne

“Unzer’s expertise has been brought to life through a constantly flowing brand property that never stops. The brand property we named the ‘Stack’ helps Unzer focus on a selection of key benefits with an ownable brand expression making them distinctive from other payment solutions.”

Shaun TurnbullDesign Director, SomeOne