At the point of every payment.

Optimal Payments, the UK based online payments provider with major operations in Canada and the United States and owner of Neteller and Netbanx, came to us following their recent acquisition of Skrill, a UK money transfer and payments group, for $1.2 billion.

Change is afoot, and the brand is now finding it increasingly at ‘The Point of every Payment’. Paysafe is responsible for moving billions of dollars around the world by creating solutions for every eventuality.

The new group name Paysafe is a simple way to explain their business with the new identity centred on the meeting point & spark between buyer and seller which Paysafe hosts.

Lee Davies, Design Director and lead designer on the project adds, ‘The old finance sector is broken. Banks are nationally despised and the brands that society used to revere are being replaced by a more referential approach to finding services surrounding money matters. People now listen to people, not products. However, smarter solutions are being created, so with the new wave of platforms a new visual language needs to be developed. Just as Compact Discs are no longer recognised by the young music fan, the basket seems an entirely out of date symbol for shopping online, as do so many of the daily interactions brands conduct. We’ve worked with PaySafe to not only manage significant change surrounding their brand, but forge new creative ways to talk up to their huge audience, rather than continuing the sectors patronising race to the bottom.’

The new strategic visual brand identity includes a three dimensional point of exchange. This flows throughout the communications as a visual property, even down to the iconography. Inventing a graphic language for the next decade of digital money — no more shopping baskets and houses; now it’s cards, contactless payments and chips.

We used Adobe’s first open source typeface family, SourceSans, as Paysafe’s typeface. Not only is it a Google font (i.e. practical and free to implement globally), but it works particularly well in user interfaces – the primary customer-facing canvas for the group.

This was a major milestone for the company, it provided us with a great opportunity to begin the next chapter of our journey as a combined business.


Bespoke animated assets created with London studio, Animade, bring to life the billions of meeting points that Paysafe now handles globally on behalf of its customers, creating a flexible brand world rather than the repetitive ‘logo stamping’ attitude of the sector.

Working with an international internal team in Montreal and London, we were responsible for all aspects of the identity up to launch, from data driven animations to investor reports. The group website is being implemented internally and will grow in scale and ambition over the coming months.

Paysafe says “This was a major milestone for the company, it provided us with a great opportunity to begin the next chapter of our journey as a combined business.” 

SomeOne Founder David Law comments ‘Consumers are growing out of the tedious online traditionalists — Paysafe offers the scale and relevance the new audience desires’.