Experience is everything.

New research from Saga plc. revealed the majority of over 50’s feel that representation of them is unfairly focused on age. They are more likely to choose a brand that embraces a positive view about life over 50, focused on experience rather than age.

SomeOne worked with Saga — the UK’s leading brand for the more experienced generation — on creating an entirely new visual and verbal identity.

Saga focuses on the over 50s, the fastest growing, most affluent and influential segment in the UK. The organisation exists to create exceptional experiences for their customers every day, whilst being a driver for positive change in markets and communities.

Their close customer insights gives them a unique view into what people think, feel and how they behave. Saga offer differentiated products and services across Insurance and Travel, underpinned by a trusted brand.

Our new work aims to change the way people think about age by showing a more positive side of getting older, alongside a new communications campaign from VCCP called ’Experience is Everything,’ celebrating the ‘Generation Experience’ audience, who bring a wealth of life experience into society.

Anchored in Saga’s heritage, we created a refreshed, contemporary and confident brand position and supported their investment in data and digital to improve the customer experience, while driving core businesses by building longer and deeper relationships with our customers.

A new wordmark

A new bespoke wordmark was crafted to lead branding across all channels. From the Ships to the Brochures to the letter customers receive.

A new symbol

We visited Saga’s very first hotel, and found inspiration for the new signifier in the ornamental design of the railings.

The new symbol is used sparingly in applications — designed to offer moments of reassurance rather than lead the branding.

A new typeface

An entirely new typographic system has been developed for Saga. Their magazine is one of the nation’s most popular and valuable publications, so the typography plays a particularly key role in the brand’s success. A new sans-serif leads the pack, supported by a script for variety in the brands publishing.

We were delighted by the new identity created by Someone. The team created something impactful, yet elegant and modern — inspired from our heritage.  Importantly, it stands out in all of the different markets we serve.  The reaction from colleagues and customers has been beyond our expectations

Stuart BeamishSaga Group Chief Customer Officer

A new flexible visual theme

In our research we found that this more experienced audience looked for a higher quality experience from Saga. Logo’s alone are not enough. A timeless visual theme of marbling, found in the endpapers of books, was researched with customers and was universally seen as a compelling way of connecting the brands offers with the enduring value, quality, and high levels of service delivered by Saga. The fact that marbling is a craft that requires skill and hands on applications helped secure it further to the Saga brand.

The visual theme of marbling brings with it instant associations with high quality items that are made with care, and made to last.

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne.

working with a uk marbling artisan

Marbling is a highly specialist craft, with only a handful of artisans still practicing in the UK.

The process involves using coloured inks suspended on the surface of water — that has to contain seaweed to ensure the ink floats.
The colours are then ‘combed’ using special tools until a pattern is arrived at ready to be transferred to paper (or other ‘dippable’ items).

While hard to control, decades of expert practice have resulted in a variety of established patterns — from the peacock to the french curl. Like Saga’s various products and services, each theme results in unique outcomes — each hand crafted.

known historic references to high quality products and services

The known historic references to quality and craft, alongside the bespoke and unique qualities of marbling made it the perfect visual theme for Saga.

We worked with London based marbling specialist Lucy McGrath, the founder of Marmor Paperie — her studio produces unique marbled gifts and luxury stationery alongside hosting workshops for those keen to learn more about this fascinating approach.

We then took the artworks and digitised them, by hand… quite an undertaking!


The design of the bespoke trust mark is inspired by the decorative railings found on the very first hotel Saga started with.

Ian DawsonSenior Designer, SomeOne

There’s no greater British brand than Saga to champion the experience and wisdom of elders, and the value they bring to society. And as a 58 year old creative, no-one appreciates their bravery and ambition in tackling this issue head-on more than me.

Jim ThorntonECD, VCCP.

The new brand typeface comes from a particularly clear and legible family, designed with our audience (and their eyesight) in mind.

Beth BainesAccount Director, SomeOne

Saga worked alongside VCCP to help bring their digital presence to life with extensive collaborative workshops.

The work has been applied to all key channels and will continue to roll out throughout 2022.

Huge thanks to all at Saga, particularly Euan, Nick, Stuart, Paula & Roshni.