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Finland’s biggest dairy co-op: Repacked.

SomeOne has just finished the first round of design work to refresh Valio’s 1000+ products. Valio is Finland’s biggest dairy Co-operative.

As one of Finland’s largest companies, Valio have over 1000 SKUS in the milk, cheese, yoghurt and juice sections of Finland’s supermarkets.

Our brief was: In the face of rising competition from international brands, What could be done to improve the overall visibility and attractiveness of Valio and its brands?

They needed a global design system that would make it easier to find Valio products in store and also make it easy to define which Valio product was being sought.

We created an entirely new modular BrandWorld, a global template system for full product list.

• The biggest milk processor in Finland.
• Owned by 18 co-operatives.
• Net sales €1.8 billion (international €0.6 billion).
• 80% market share in Finland.
• Almost 1000 SKU’s in Finland alone, many products having sub brand identities.