Automating the world.

Originally called UC4 Software Inc — the newly named brand sets out to enable progress in business by automating tasks that hinder organisations progress.

UC4 was founded in Austria in 1985 and now helps over 2,500 companies around the world — from start ups to established global brands.

Automation is useful as it removes the stress of maintaining everyday
tasks and give people the opportunity to focus on what makes their businesses great — ideas.

Also, by automating the everyday processes for business, there are fewer errors and costs come down dramatically.

It can also be clever. People buy and sell their stuff when it’s rainy and go outside when it’s sunny — automation allows eBay to power down servers when the sun comes out and turn them back on again when the rain pours.

Automic is the only organisation that has a single platform across all business processes, applications and infrastructure which enables organisations to automate every aspect of their day-to-day operations regardless of location or complexity.

The new brand name, strategy and visual brand identity by SomeOne are designed to better explain the brands offer and to help it connect with senior decision makers.

Craig Beddis, Chief Marketing Officer for Automic says ‘Many senior executives find themselves at the top of an organisation asking themselves the same question, ‘I am in charge, but am I in control?’ — That’s when we come in. We can really help these people regain control and get back to growing their businesses. The new branding is core to our ability to communicate effectively with our audience and we are delighted with the re-boot SomeOne has provided’

The Visual brand identity is based on a spirograph which has been recreated using digital algorithms, ‘We wanted to find a visual property that would represent what automation can do for business — while it sounds robotic, automatic procedures can create beautiful results for business. The spirograph is something we all played with as children and still manages to create awe inspiring results from a very simple automated process — it’s a globally understood idea and one that really helps the new brand connect with it’s audience’ says Tom Myers, SomeOne’s lead designer on the project.

SomeOne found one of the original spirograph sets from a collector and used it as a basis to create a suite of graphic assets for people to choose from.

‘The branding comes from a generous point of view, while there are fixed elements like a wordmark a typeface and a colour system, there are also lots of visual options to help people feel involved in the new brand identity’ — Says SomeOne co-founder & Executive Creative Director, Simon Manchipp

A digital storytelling website has been created by SomeOne/Else. Founder, Warren Hutchinson says ‘We’ve integrated the strategic position SomeOne created around ‘The Art of the Possible’ into the digital experience enabling the dots to join up’

SomeOne are continuing to work with the business on rolling the branding out across all channels.

In January 2017, EQT sold Automic to CA Technologies in a transaction valuing Automic at EUR 600 million.