It’s great outdoors.

Walter Ingham took Britain skiing for the first time in 1934. We’ve just rebranded them for the first time in over 20 years ready for the next generation of travellers.

The Inghams brand was born out of Walter Ingham’s enduring passion for ski, mountaineering and walking that endures to today. Walter has long been credited as the man who took Britain skiing.

Now, the brand offers a lot more. While the slopes still feature large in their offer, a new enthusiasm has sparked the public’s interest. Holidays where flying and flopping do not feature.



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All holidays offered by Ingham’s are united by one idea, they set out to make the most of the great outdoors. No great holiday ever took place indoors. You don’t remember every meal of a two week beach holiday in Greece, but you do remember that one day on a boat trip / that amazing walk through a forest / that slightly hairy descent down the red run.

‘The holiday sector is generally disappointingly bland and lacking in opinion, it was great to work with a team keen to install an idea and let it inform an entirely new way of thinking across the organisation and its communications’

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne

Unless they are vastly complex & costly, Holidays are ironically limiting. One location. One purpose. A beach. A Pool. A villa.

They think two weeks by a pool is boring. A trip with the same daily view, dull. Their customers like to see more, do more, feel more.

Inghams are anti-cookie cutter, not interested in fly & flop, but not adventure extremists.

Holidays are made exceptional when they make the most of the great outdoors.

Ingham’s proudly call themselves and their clients ‘Outsiders’ because they are part of a club of people who love to be outside. They soak it up, ski it, stroll through it, and make the most of it. Because it’s great outdoors.

It’s great out there.

It’s called the great outdoors for a reason. It’s a great place to be. In the sunshine, in the snow, soaking up your surroundings. Inghams specialise in creating holidays that make the most of everything outside. All you need to decide is if you are going to ski, stroll or simply gaze at it.

Simply put, if you love the great outdoors, you’ll love an Inghams holiday.

These holidays always provide more things to do. Meaning you are never sat twiddling your thumbs, unless you want to. They deliver this via up to the minute local planning combined with 85 years of travel experience.

But for everyone to know they are different, they need to sound and look distinctive in the sector. That’s where we came in.

New Strategy

Research compiled by the tour operator suggests more than a third (36%) of the UK adult population would be keen to go on a walking holiday, while nearly two-thirds (63%) said they like walking when on holiday.

“We believe there’s a gap in the market for single or two-centre holidays where you can do day walking,”  said Anne Williams, marketing director of Inghams parent Hotelplan UK.

An entirely new way of verbally and visually presenting the brand to audiences both familiar and unfamiliar with the wider offer was needed.

The firm was known only by the direct experiences of their clients. Gone Skiing? It was a ski brand. Gone walking? It was a walking brand. We set out to unite the entire portfolio of holidays under a single cohesive strategy ‘Because it’s great Outdoors’

A new wordmark.

The new wordmark, based on our friends at Colophon’s typeface Sunset, has been custom cut to integrate the compass arrow — used through the branding in the visual ‘pointer’ theme — always indicating true north, and guiding travellers through the best holidays of their lifetime.

‘The pointer design theme was a real penny-drop moment for us. The way we integrated it into the word mark as well as installed it throughout the applications worked so well on both an aesthetic and commercial level’


New Visual System

Everything is new. New wordmark, typography. Colour, imagery, iconography and layout applications carry a new visual wayfinding theme — all to be seen across hundreds of touch points. Print, Pixel, Experiential and Product.

‘Too often you see a wordmark, a typeface, a set of symbols, and they bear no resemblance to each other, meaning each part has to work doubly hard to gain traction and recognition with audiences. This work bucks a sector wide trend and pushes with an unusually strong, cohesive identity that works across all types of holiday — from the slopes of Val d’Isere to the shadows of The Dolomites’

Rich RhodesECD

A new visual theme

Inspired by the universally recognised compass arrow, the new visual asset guides customers throughout their holiday.

Navigating through each holiday experience and showing everything Inghams has to offer — the pointer is an integral part of the new brand system.

Designed to interact with both typography and elements within photography & moving image — this aspect has proved to be tremendously useful, acting as directional guide, a highlighting signal, or a call to action.

‘This was a very hard nut to crack — Ski is a very different offer to Walking Holidays — but the new strategy and compelling visual system did what I thought might be an impossible task — cohesive, connected and compelling across our entire portfolio’

Anne WilliamsMarketing Director, Inghams

New Signature Iconography

A new suite of charming icons have been developed with signature design cues from the brand typeface. Enabling the organisation to connect with audiences on primary branded surfaces without the need for repetitive and condescending badging.

‘With a brand steeped in history, it would have been easy to languish in past glories — this work takes us in a far more exciting direction. Digital first. Strategically led. Visually flexible and differentiating. It’s already moving the needle considerably for us all’

Thomas RyvesHead of Brand & Communications, Inghams

Huge thanks to the team at Inghams, Anne, Tom.

SomeOne Team
Simon Manchipp, Founder
Rich Rhodes, Executive Creative Director
Kyra Marks, Lead Designer
Luca Portik, Designer
Beth Baines, Account Director