Bite-sized brilliant payments.

People want convenient, simpler ways to shop with the brands they love.

We were asked to create a strategic, visual and verbal identity for the new brand from NewDay.

Newpay gives instant access to a digital credit account that is to be integrated into many online retailers checkout experience.  

It means, you can buy the bigger things you need, sooner. (Washing Machines! Sofa! Finally some proper curtains!)

Then pay for them in smaller chunks over a set period.

Usefully, if you buy something else with Newpay — that gets added to your bill, all in one place… rather than having to chase lots of separate repayments (like you do with others).

Lots of little payments are far easier to handle than one big cash-flow killing chunk. That’s what has been behind the thinking for the new BrandWorld for Newpay… as dramatised by all those lovely little balls!

Laura HusseyFounder, SomeOne.

Financial products are rarely good to look at. Rarer still is the ability of a financial brand to create an innovative way of demonstrating difference as well as bringing to life the core reason to choose them over others.

Newpay does both.

The super friendly wordmark opens the conversation with charm (and a smile — this is a digital first brand that’s built move).

Then all those neat little payments are depicted by the smooth-moving spheres.

We set SomeOne quite the challenge. Create a strategy, name & visual identity for a new and fairly abstract financial idea that can scale at speed. The work is both charming & impactful in very small online spaces. It takes on a new dimension in communications and brilliantly explains and dramatises the core offer. Our entire Newpay team has been blown away by their creativity, speed and can-do attitude.

Anouski RobertsSenior Brand Manager, Newpay.

The digital banks tried to differentiate with colour — but ended up confusing audiences as to why one was better than the other. Newpay wears it’s differentiation on its sleeve. Lots of little payments come together to enable you to get the bigger, important things you’d normally have to wait for. Radical for the sector, useful for the customer.

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne.

A full brand world was designed for Newpay enabling them remind people who’s talking at any point of the customer journey.

» The colour system is strategic and sets the brand apart from any competitor.

» New typography enables signature branding without the need for rubber stamping logo’s.

» A GREAT new wordmark, that not only carries the brands name, but is animated to engage customers wherever possible.

» A full pictogram symbol suite to aid navigation at speed and in non-written communications. Alongside the new set of icons is a design systems allowing new icons to be developed at speed by in-house teams.

» Plus an extensive selection of animations centred around dramatising key purchases — featuring all those lovely little payments!


We also created the series of glorious launch films and ads to support the opening of the service.

Click the play button below to see! (Do it— it’s ACE).

Huge thanks and congratulations to all involved — particular thanks go to Lisa, Anouski, Ben and the team at Newpay. (Plus a big shout out to our friends at WeAre17)