Because Connections Are Everything…

WiredScore is founded upon the idea that all buildings can, and will, be better connected. The prop-tech firm turned to SomeOne for a new strategic, visual and verbal identity to open a new chapter in a time where digital connectivity has never been more important.

project background

Back in 2013, Arie Barendrecht, WiredScore’s founder and CEO, secured an endorsement from Mayor Bloomberg, and support from leaders in real estate, technology and telecommunications, to launch WiredScore – and the vision then remains the same as it is today: To make the world’s buildings better connected, enabling a more collaborative, innovative and dynamic future.

650 million
650 million sq feet of space — in 10 countries, with over 2500 buildings committed to certification.

one vision, two cutting-edge certifications

WiredScore is the leading brand in building tech. The company assesses and aids the improvement of digital connectivity and smart tech within homes and offices worldwide.

Central to the brands offer is the WiredScore certification process, which provides new levels of clarity about the buildings in which we live and work. A WiredScore certification assesses a building’s digital infrastructure and figures out how well equipped it is to deal with the demands of digital connectivity.

Taking this to another level is SmartScore, aimed towards forward-looking planners, developers and property owners, a SmartScore certification assesses whether the workspace has access to many or all of the future-facing smart features to operate in the connected world of today and tomorrow.


a digital lattice for a connected world

Central to this challenge was a desire for singular recognisable symbol that encapsulates the spirit of WiredScore. This new mark needed to be instantly recognisable when appearing alongside other industry standard ratings and certifications.

Built upon a digital lattice, the connectivity crown reflects the built environment, the connected nature of technology and intertwined Ws for excellence. Strong and immediately identifiable the connectivity crown is supported by a wide range of flexible graphic assets — all designed upon the same digital lattice — allowing a strong brand presence within spaces and touchpoints where using a logo or symbol would be seen as heavy handed or inappropriate.

160 cities
WiredScore operates in 160 cities, including New York, London, Toronto, Paris, and Berlin.

discovering opportunities and educating property owners

WiredScore doesn’t just measure a building’s technology at face-value, but considers how to better connect those living and working within the building itself.

For over seven years WiredScore has been demystifying the complex world of technology in buildings. Now more than six million people around the world live and work in buildings certified by WiredScore and many of the world’s most progressive landlords look to the WiredScore symbol as a mark they can trust.

Those buildings that achieve certification are awarded with the crown in different tiers — leading to the ultimate achievement of platinum status.

investing in a brighter future

As WiredScore grows and evolves, so too must the brand. That’s why we were excited to work on a new strategic, visual and verbal that marks the next step in their journey: a clear, simplified design system that not only signifies leadership in the technology of the built environment but also enables their clients to communicate proudly the intelligent investment in their buildings.

Making the world’s buildings smarter and better connected is our mission, enabling a more collaborative, innovative and dynamic future. An important part of that is helping our clients best deploy the WiredScore brand which has been brilliantly orchestrated by the team at SomeOne.

Rollo Gwyn-JonesGlobal Director of Marketing

This new brand work sets out to achieve three key things:

  • The first is to simplify product naming and streamline how the community can refer to certifications.
  • The second is to create a brand system that can clearly signify evolving product offerings to the ecosystem, something we have done with the creation of the Certification Crown mark.
  • The third is to elevate the buildings that have achieved WiredScore certification through the branding, something you’ll see through the new plaques and awards.

We’ve all become only too familiar with, ‘Sorry about the connection, my broadband is awful’.

In business, connections have always been everything. So it makes complete sense to insist on knowing how digitally connected buildings are — and can be — before you move in.

The new BrandWorld work enables property investors, builders, landlords & tenants to know how smart their address really is. All strategically presented in a way that is uniquely ownable to WiredScore.

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne.

NB Landing page designed and created by Alchemy Digital.

A full BrandWorld has been created for WiredScore. From considering the new colour systems and Crown iconography — to how photography and animation play their part.

Most awards and certifications consist of basic brand stamping. A deeply out-of-date, underwhelming and inflexible approach to managing reputations.

We looked to push WiredScore beyond a simple ratings mark, towards a flexible design language that will give them the best of both worlds: a singular iconic mark for the competitive and restrictive ratings landscape, and a malleable digital lattice, broadening the opportunities for how the brand looks and behaves.

Karl Randall, Creative Director, SomeOne.

You could try and rate a flashy marble atrium or an expansive view — but while appealing in a brochure, it’s a buildings connectivity that gives organisations real advantage. Now that edge has a score — The WiredScore — and a world-class brand to help amplify it.

Andrew HindsDesigner, SomeOne.

Huge thanks to all of the WiredScore team — notably to Rollo & Maria who we wish the very best in making every building WiredScore platinum!