Brent Cross South


Where Everyone Belongs.

Working closely with the the Argent, Related & Hammerson brands — we’ve created the new visual and verbal operating system for the development of Brent Cross South. One of London’s largest and most significant redevelopments.

  • 6,700 new homes with a mix of sale, rental and affordable homes
  • 3+ million square feet of new office space providing over 25,000 jobs
  • A new high street, with local shops and restaurants
  • Improved transport connections, with the new Brent Cross West Thameslink station serving the area
  • Better walking and cycle routes
  • New bridges over the North Circular Road, Midland Main Line and Hendon Way
  • New squares and parks with inspiring places for children to play
  • New and improved community facilities.



Transform 2020 — Best Placemaker Brand Award

The new plan for the area brings a new energy and focus to a major London District. Brent Cross South town centre will be a welcoming place which focuses on local needs and provides amenities for a diverse residential and business community. It will be connected to Brent Cross shopping centre by a new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the North Circular Road,

A new high street in the centre of the development will provide a mix of shops and restaurants in attractive new public spaces.

It will be a place where people can enjoy spending time both during the week and at the weekend.

A mix of new office buildings around the new Brent Cross West Thameslink station, as well as flexible small business spaces adjacent to the new high street, will make BXS an attractive place to work or start a business.

Who’s behind the transformation?

Barnet Council is responsible for overseeing the regeneration of the whole of the Brent Cross Cricklewood area, which comprises Brent Cross London, Brent Cross South and the delivery of the new Brent Cross West Thameslink station.

Argent Related and Barnet Council have entered into a joint venture partnership, BXS LP, to deliver Brent Cross South. The Council is working with Hammerson and Aberdeen Standard Life to redevelop the Brent Cross shopping centre to the north.

Argent Related, formed in 2015, combines two respected firms’ leadership in creating new parts of cities for their communities to use and enjoy.

Argent is the UK developer best known for its work in London on the regeneration of King’s Cross — which SomeOne helped develop the strategic visual and verbal branding.

Related Companies is a US-based real estate company best known for its Hudson Yards scheme.

Hammerson UK and Aberdeen Standard Life Ltd are working on the northern side of the development and will deliver the redevelopment of the Brent Cross shopping centre and the land around it. HASI will also provide the road and transport infrastructure required to support the comprehensive regeneration.

Barnet Council is also working with Network Rail, with support from central Government, to deliver an additional Thameslink station, Brent Cross West, to serve Brent Cross South and the wider area.

Our careful and rigorous process of consultation and creative collaboration has led to a compelling new visual language. It has been met with an overriding sense of optimism.

Laura HusseyCreative Partner, SomeOne.

The new work sets out to develop a series of assets to be deployed across the area to a wide variety of audiences.

The area already consists of an amazing collection of ideas, cultures, people and opportunities.

The new operating system enables these varied and exciting stories to connect through one unified platform.

It consists on a new bespoke typographic system — designed by SomeOne — that can be customised depending on speed, scale and significance of communications.

Everything here is designed to make a positive impact. The bright colour system, the bold graphic patterns. This mirrors the endeavours intentions. To bring a newly invigorated point of view to Brent Cross South.

Shaun TurnbullDesign Director, SomeOne.

This is a brand built to lift spirits and open a lasting conversation between those living amongst change and those helping orchestrate it.

Simon ManchippFounder, Executive Strategic Creative Director, SomeOne.