Travel Forward


Unleashing technology into travel.

WTM (World Travel Market) is behind the planet’s leading travel conferences. We’ve been behind the branding and launch of their new brand.

Operating in 5 continents, WTM has successfully worked with inventive digital channels for many years.

It is now in a prime position to promote more progressive approaches to travel industry know-how.

WTM is launching a new endeavour to help others capitalise on the opportunities presented by technology within the travel sector.

They have created Travel>Forward, an entirely new digital arm of WTM.

SomeOne helped position the brand strategically, visually and verbally for the 2018 launch.

Travel Forward created the largest World Travel Market in history

Progressing forward
Travel>Forward has had the progressive symbol of ‘>’ within its name since day one.

For a brand and sector continuously moving forward at speed, the new visual branding uses this arrow collectively as a chevron and as a graphic device to signify their ever progressive nature.

Our main focus for the T>F brand was to portray the idea of agile, fast thinking.

This brand should be seen as never standing still, continuously unleashing new ideas into the travel industry from proven professionals and bleeding-edge radicals.

We’ve applied this thought across all applications, from brochures to a bespoke typeface and iconography set.

Shaun TurnbullSenior Designer
Year-on-year revenue growth
£1.7m up year-on-year results

Whilst attending the WTM conference in 2017 we quickly realised how many brands are fighting for people’s attention.

This required every piece of T>F branded material to be instantly recognisable within a highly competitive and growing industry.

The graphical chevron pattern is bold, and together with the digital colour palette, allows for all applications to stand up and be counted by a global audience.

Doubled visitor growth targets

The travel industry suffers from a multitude of palm trees and pictures of cultural cliché. The new Travel>Forward brand sets out a different agenda. This is a platform for progress. For sharing the next revolution in travel technology. A brand fed on data and raised on change. The new branding looks to create a progressive branded operating system over expected images and language.

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne.

Along with the brand identity, we were asked to create the 2018 advertising campaign.

We focussed on making the speakers the heroes of the conference, who will be ‘unleashing’ waves of digital knowledge in travel.

The stage is one of the most important areas at the conference, where people absorb key information from recognised peers within the industry.

It’s also one of the most photographed spots — shared globally on social media. We re-imagined the stage and gave it as much focus as more traditional applications for the T>F brand.

Rebooking doubled year-on-year
The most successful event in over 13 years of WTM history.