Paradise Found: Sovereign Holidays.

We’ve been working with Sovereign, the expert in bespoke luxury holidays, to reposition the 43 year old organisation to focus on helping people find their own slice of paradise on holiday, in a move to differentiate itself from a cluttered luxury market.

The radical rebrand sees Sovereign reveal a new visual identity based on the strap-line ‘Paradise Found’. This will be followed by an inspiring marketing campaign aimed at underlining the company’s position as an expert bespoke holidaymaker.

The campaign will roll-out from mid-December with a high profile selection of above-the-line and digital media.

Established as a luxury travel expert for over 40 years

The amplified focus in customer-centric thinking comes about following extensive research into the current market aimed at exploring how modern attitudes towards luxury goods have shifted, in a bid to better connect with Sovereign’s discerning customers and their individual holiday needs. The research demonstrated that over time the luxury travel market has become confused and cluttered with a glut of choice and an emergence of deal-focussed companies moving into the space.

Sovereign are part of the portfolio of the £15,000,000,000 TUI brand.

Luxury means many things to many people, and these days the word is so often used to describe a variety of very different offerings. You’ll find over a quarter of a million results when you type ‘luxury’ into TripAdvisor and that’s an awful lot of luxury options to wade through. Therefore, it has become extremely difficult for customers to be sure that what they are being offered fits with their personal idea of luxury. For this reason, we made the decision to take a step back, differentiate ourselves and focus on each customer’s ever changing and varied needs in order to help them find their own little slice of heaven.


Lisa continues: “With more than 40 years’ experience we already have a proven track record of brilliantly matching the person with the place. Our travel experts have first-hand knowledge of the more than 250 hard-filtered hotels that we offer, because they have been there themselves. This knowledge enables them to give pro-active, genuine advice to our customers, making sure that their holiday has that something special. Therefore we don’t just say we do ‘luxury travel’, we say we can find each and every one of our customers their own little abode – which is why we now sign off Sovereign, Paradise Found”

The Sovereign hotel collections, which appear on the company’s website and in its brochures, have also been renamed to reflect the new branding and make it easier for the customer to find exactly what they are looking for at speed. There are now three colour-coded levels of service to choose from; Blue, Gold and Platinum. In addition, specific holidays are classified under six different categories; Family, Adult, Lovebirds, Spa, All In and Eco.

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We worked with over 250 hotels to roll out the branding seamlessly.