D. Thomas


The UK’s leading light in problem skincare.

We’ve been working to entirely redesign the UK’s leading problem skincare clinic. D.Thomas is a multi award winning practice. The work of the clinic can alleviate and cure many skin issues from acne to pigmentation.

Non invasive, the treatments centre around a series of light based therapies that radically improve skins health.


Best Branding of the Year — Creative Pool Awards
Best Branding in the Beauty Sector: Transform Awards
Best Graphics of the Year — Creative Pool Awards
Best Branding of the Year — Brand Impact Awards
Best In Show — Brand Impact Awards

The primary reason for customers approaching the clinic for solutions is so they can improve the impression they give to those around them. This is not a vanity-led purchase, it’s emotional — in our research we heard people tell us of how they couldn’t bring themselves to meet new people, or face friends and family at seemingly kind and forgiving circumstances — one woman in particular spoke of how they couldn’t bring themselves to attend their 21st birthday party, for fear of their acute acne being laughed at.

The impression we give people is both surface mounted and more deeply considered. The rebrand looks at both sides of this.

The more intellectual and technical descriptions have been entirely rewritten — the way each product or procedure is described now is simpler, clearer and more swiftly understandable.

The entire customer journey has been reconsidered as has the visual brand identity that consists of a new elegant set of graphics and typography — and is underpinned by a set of images that have been created to help showcase the key procedures and the areas of the face and body they are aimed at.

The resulting forms were photographed and now form the core brand photoset. The resulting rebrand is a radical departure in the sector. No traditional ‘spa’ images — no complex descriptions. Just the right impression.