UK Parliament


Creating the UK Parliament operating system for a digital United Kingdom…

Making the UK Parliament’s visual identity fit for a digital future

SomeOne worked with the House of Commons and the House of Lords to develop an updated visual identity for UK Parliament.

The identity is digitally-led and is supported by multiple application grids and flexible colour systems.

Project includes: Wordmark. Typefaces. Website Guidelines. Icon Suites. Digital Guidelines. Responsive Templates.

It also features a new set of logos that have been created for digital optimisation.


Nominated Transform Award 2019

Winner 2018 Gov Design Award

Top 10 biggest design stories of 2018 DesignWeek

Top 10 best rebrands of 2018 CreativeBloq

Clarity and simplicity

Prior to the creation of the new visual identity, a range of legacy approaches were in use by the various ‘bicameral’ teams that serve both Houses of Parliament.

The new visual identity has been designed to provide the consistency and coherence that was previously lacking, and to enable faster, clearer visual communication, primarily across digital platforms.

Greater simplicity and clarity has been a priority, particularly online where the existing assets did not reproduce clearly at smaller sizes on mobile devices.

Clarity, Simplicity and Efficiency all drive the new design work, so that anyone can get to the information they want, when they want and how they want it.

Simon ManchippCo-Founder, SomeOne

With a rise in people interacting via small screen devices, a new adaptive design system has been devised to make navigation far easier across these channels, often working at very limited scale and in low resolutions.

This was always going to be a project with many opinions. All parts of Parliament have been consulted throughout the process, ensuring a very smooth and efficient deployment of the new design work.

Beth BainesAccount Manager, SomeOne

A portcullis for the digital age 

A new version of the crowned portcullis, the principal symbol of the UK Parliament, has been created at three optimised sizes, to perform on small, medium and large applications.

Digital applications demand a more crafted and detailed approach.

We had to consider how the portcullis is drawn for both 16 pixel micro-branding, all the way up to large-scale super graphics.

A micro-application version was therefore developed for maximum clarity at small sizes.

Supporting features

The new visual identity for UK Parliament is hosted and managed on the Cloudlines platform.

This enables anyone developing, designing or producing new bicameral communications to access its principles and examples of key applications.

Rather than repetitively stamping a single symbol on all communications, we’ve developed a more in-depth design system to accommodate any kind of application.

Cosmo JamesonSenior Designer, SomeOne.

An entirely new iconography set was developed by SomeOne to support the new visual identity and help bring it to life across communications.

The new design system for UK Parliament is now hosted and managed on the Cloudlines platform. This enables anyone developing, designing or producing new parliamentary communications to access the full system, it’s principles and key applications.

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