London 2017


Strategically creating the planet’s loudest summer of sport.

The World Para Athletics Championships and the IAAF World Championships, London 2017 are the biggest global sporting events of the year.

While it was the last time many of the the superstars of athletics will compete, it was also the first opportunity for the new generation to prove themselves on an international level.

Held in the UK for the first time ever, 2200 athletes from 203 nations travelled to London while fans from across Britain and the globe poured into the London Stadium and onto the capital’s streets to make history.


2018 — Guinness Book of Records: Most Tickets Sold at any IAAF World Championships event

2018 — Transform Awards: Best brand implementation

2018 — Creative Pool: Best Graphic Branding

2018 — Best Brand Awards — Best Agency

With athletes from around the planet such as Mo Farah & Usain Bolt joining the competition to bring home a medal. Entrance to London’s Olympic Stadium will be the hottest ticket of the summer

The design for the look of the games has been created  to embody the volume of support for the Athletes by deploying some of the loudest colours in the spectrum.

The event brought in record breaking ticket sales.

The figure recorded on the official Guinness World Record certificate is 701,889 but with that taken two days before the end of the Championships, it will be updated to reflect the over 705,000 eventually sold.

Session 12 on the morning of Saturday 12 August was the best ticketed session at 56,620.

World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 ticket sales are greater than all eight previous championships combined

‘The 2012 Olympic Games showed the power of the audience — the crowd’s supporting roars heard at the Olympic Stadium spurred on the UK home teams to record wins. It’s anticipated that the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships & IAAF World Championships will see new levels of enthusiasm from the audience making this the loudest games ever experienced.’


With design work, It’s always tempting to start from scratch. Here, we built on existing colour systems we found in the championship logos — We built upon them, amplfied them and pushed them as far as it could go — just like the athletes do.


The highly distinctive design work shows athletes in action, leaving trails of colour in their wake. 

Founder of SomeOne, Simon Manchipp explains that, ‘Using the amplified colour system, the events will be dressed in a way to encourage friends, family and fans to make themselves heard like never before as they enjoy the largest and loudest summer sporting extravaganza.

Capturing the energy and performance of the athlete, the visual trails from the athletes movements help differentiate each sport. The work was created at SomeOne using motion capture technology & state of the art 3D modelling.

The IAAF World Athletics Championships really captured the spirit of London and will live long in the memory as another chapter in an unforgettable summer of sport in our great city. We’ve seen medals won and personal bests smashed, and there’s no better honour for London than staging the final championship races of legends Mo Farah and Usain Bolt. More than 700,000 people filled the London Stadium, beating all previous attendance records, while millions around the globe have been watching what has been a truly memorable World Athletics Championships.


The launch of the branding caught the imagination of the audience, with Instagram & Twitter alight with excited messages as ticket packs arrived around the country…

With over three times the amount of applications to places available, it took the help of 4,500 volunteers, known as Runners, to stage the Championships. The Runners brought with them fluency in more than 65 different languages, helping spectators enjoy an engaging experience.

World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 saw biggest sales ever outside of a Paralympic Games. 705,000 were sold. An official Guinness World Record for the number of tickets sold at any IAAF World Championships event.