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The finest working locations in London…

SomeOne has been working with the teams behind the finest workspaces in London.

An entire rebrand has been undertaken for London’s leading business club offering discreet, premium workspaces in 38 of Central London’s finest locations.

From meeting rooms and private lounges to fully serviced offices — we’ve been involved in developing a new strategic position, and the resulting visual and verbal designs across digital, print and environmental.


Gold — Transform 2020 — Branding Award

Space for a more sophisticated option

After extensive research, we found that increasingly, for many, WeWork simply doesn’t work.

A focus on community, beer and ‘doing what you love’ flies in the face of more established professions who manage challenges that require heightened security, rigour and privacy.

The Argyll Club is for those who need space to work, in the premium locations their clients expect, surrounded by the services and facilities needed for the smooth running of trusted organisations.

The Argyll Club has been reborn thanks to the extensive work by SomeOne. Together we’ve reconsidered how to create a step change to premiumise the brand, from how front of house works to what we might choose to wear on our lapels.

Justin SkinnerChief Marketing Officer, The Argyll Club.

high standard, low profile.

Previously called London Executive Offices (or LEO for short) — the brand had an outstanding reputation amongst property professionals and those residents who had direct experience with the brand. However outside of this, the organisation had a low profile.

Interestingly this level of awareness suited the organisation, and many of those that chose to call London Executive Offices their home from home.

The kind of businesses residing at LEO were often appreciative of more secluded and private locations. These are groups of people who do not crave the spotlight, rather they need locations from which to work that are professional and impeccably operated.

38 London locations

A city of districts…

From the finance of St. James’ to the legalities of Lincoln’s Inn — the established families surrounding Sloane Square and the cut and thrust of The City.

Uniting them all are the quiet professionals who run family offices, members of international royal families, established small to medium sized businesses, as well as the focused tech entrepreneurs who look for more than a ping-pong table and shouty receptions.

The Argyll Club is their professional haven.

enabling business to move at the speed of life

The network of super-premium locations had new ownership, a new focus and a reinvigorated vision of the future.

The next iteration looked to amplify the premium location offer with seamless technology to enable business to move at the speed of life — alongside personal service more akin to leading London concierges.

SomeOne developed a new strategic model based on extensive research. For those in the property or elite business circles — the locations were already well known as exemplary office spaces. Equally, their appeal lies in more than location. The services and staff surrounding the spaces make doing business far less taxing.

The position of ‘Famously Discreet’ was born. Taking a more subtle approach.

an entirely new name & visual identity

To signal the significant change, a new visual and verbal identity was created to spearhead the activity.

The offices are already extremely desirable (The Argyll Club can be found at Berkeley Square, Sloane Street & Pall Mall for example) with some businesses choosing them over others for many years…

This was not a case of plastering logos and mantras on windows and walls.

In fact, the new design carries no branded exterior signage. Simply a brass plate with a bell button.

These are offices and places to meet where discovery is less important — you are invited. When you know, you know.

The visual and verbal identity runs counter to the current trends in serviced offices & co-working… state-of-the-art technology runs beneath classical typographic systems and restrained photography of the class-leading interiors.

Laura HusseyCreative Partner, SomeOne.

the key to perfection

The new brand symbol is a familiar icon – a key – as deployed in traditional concierge badges.

The Argyll Club Key carries a hidden table and chairs in the ‘blade’ or ‘bit’ as it is called
(the part that slips into the ‘keyway’ to unlock the lock).

The Bow (the part of a key used to twist it) carries a letter A.

unprecedented positivity

The new strategy and its visual and verbal deployment has seen an all time high in staff feedback and satisfaction.

Existing customers have embraced the new work, with new residents applying at an accelerated rate thanks to the new enthusiasm surrounding the endeavour.

A timeless brand fit for purpose

Establishing a clear tone of voice, ownable brand marque and unique suite of photography is one thing… but of equal importance was to provide a flexible set of templates and logo usage rules to safeguard a clear and consistent brand roll out. We ensured our key marque was fit for responsive platforms by creating a more robust version to be used at smaller sizes.

Brands only exist where there is competition. And branding adds considerable value when it helps products, services and organisations stand out from a crowd. Traditionally this means shouting louder, but here, shouting does not appeal to an audience that values discretion. So we took a more elegant path…

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne.


Just some of The Argyll Club’s London locations.

Uncovering the finer details of The Argyll Club business gave us the foundation on which everything was built. We engaged with every staff member; held key departmental round tables; listened to clients and brokers alike — all in order to get beneath the surface and help us understand what drives the brand. This, in turn, helped us create the new proposition that connects with its audiences.

Ben FieldAccount Manager, SomeOne.
The Argyll Club boasts the most loyal residents in the sector. Testament to the levels of service and surroundings — clients stay longer here than with any other brand

The Argyll Club are famous for the quality of their service and impeccable attention to detail – small touches make a big difference. So it only felt right that the creative embraced this, as well as the ‘Famously Discreet’ proposition. The key, a symbol of privacy, has plenty of hidden craftsmanship. The ‘A’ within the bow adds balance and symmetry — but for those with a sharp eye will notice the inclusion of a table and chairs within the teeth. A pleasing ‘Smile in the Mind’ touch inspired by the premium workspace sector in which The Argyll Club operates.

Andy GoodeDesign Lead & Art Direction

the luxury of space, captured on camera.

Alongside a new strategic visual and verbal identity, an entirely new photographic portfolio was created to best showcase the outstanding interiors.

No.1 Cornhill for example is the result of a £4.1m refurbishment — The Dome Room is often described as the ‘best meeting room in the City’.

The meeting room alone is an iconic landmark. It was constructed in 1903 and is Grade II listed.

Steeped in heritage — Fit for the future

With a reinvigorated appetite to broaden their comms and brand rollout, The Argyll Club needed a set of digital guidelines that were easily accessible for brand managers and suppliers alike. Using Cloudlines, all elements came together seamlessly, which can adapt and grow along with their ever-developing property portfolio.

With thanks to Rateeshan, Fraaz, Barry, Justin, Jason, Conal, Beth, Olivia, Sally & the entire Argyll Team.

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