Space to be brilliant.

Would you describe your place of work as beautiful, professional and flexible?

If not, would you like it to be? Thought so…

We’ve been working with the team at Fora — a pioneering new force in the shared work space revolution — to strategically create and launch a new way of thinking about work and working spaces.

Welcome to Fora. Space to be brilliant.

Imagine if you could think about space as a service
All of the everyday essentials and services are taken care of, giving you more time to focus on what’s important. At Fora they are all about enhancing productivity – they call it ‘pro-working’. The answer to the exciting but often frustrating ‘co-working’ spaces that are popping up everywhere.

Everything at Fora is complementary to good business. From business rates and service charges to super-fast Fibre Wi-Fi, refreshments, black & white printing, state of the art meeting rooms and the warm client hospitality. It’s all included as standard.

The difference: Seamless service. Evolving the hotel guest experience into the employee workplace experience.

The Fora Approach
» Members’ club style service
» Hotel-style hospitality
» Contemporary and beautifully designed workspace
» One month’s advance & one month’s notice – no minimum or maximum stay
» Use of the network of locations and meeting rooms across London from 2017

SomeOne worked on creating the entire strategic operating system needed to support this fast moving and adaptive brand.

From external signage and digital communications to in-room essentials and welcome packs. Everything visual and verbal has been carefully considered and designed for a seamless experience.

A modular physical-build kit was designed by SomeOne for wayfinding in and around the Fora Spaces…

Partnering with award-winning chefs means Fora restaurants are home to remarkable dining experiences.

The highly acclaimed chef-owner, Stevie Parle, opened the doors to Palatino in Fora Clerkenwell.

This casual all-day restaurant and bar is very much a celebration of the food of Rome. Delivering beautifully rustic Italian food with an uncompromising taste.

From light breakfasts and swift lunches to room service for meetings and à la carte evening meals.

Book ahead — It’s already very, very popular!

‘The design needs of the workspace have changed. At Fora, the evolution continues’


Fora gives residents the ultimate flexibility and freedom to come and go and work as they please, that’s why all of their residency options are one month’s advance and one month’s notice with no minimum or maximum stay. Radical in the sector, welcomed in business.

App controlled meeting rooms. Wet rooms and well being. House Events and 365/24/7 access. The hardest thing about working here? Remembering it’s meant to be work.



From flexible single OpenDesks for open plan residents to OwnedDesks that are dedicated to you and you alone, Fora spaces are designed to grow at the speed of business. (Fast, in other words) — Scale down or up to an entire OwnedOffice with room for up to 30+ people — at speed — at your service.


We designed the navigation systems and pictograms needed to help people rapidly find what they want, when they want it.

‘It’s different, by design’ — Everything has been designed to join up the multiple spaces and experiences on offer at Fora.