Re-thinking the short-term loans sector.

Branding an entirely new brand from scratch that helps people get small loans on their mobile, any time, anywhere.

A little loan.

Every now and then we can all benefit from them, but typically they are immensely complex, painfully slow, and deeply limiting (and generally not available from the nicest of people).

We helped the team at Buffa set out to create the opposite.

Small loans of up to £1000 all from your smartphone.

Little buffers to help with life’s unexpected bumps.

These are not life changing amounts of cash, but access to them enables people to get little loans to get things done.

buffa is a brand new short term loan company dedicated to delivering speedy and effective short term financial support when customers need it most.

buffa, strongly feels that nobody should be restrained from living their life because of a bad or impaired credit history. That’s why they consider all loan applications, regardless of your credit history and treat each application as an individual case.

You won’t have to worry about endlessly waiting to hear back from them to discover whether you qualify for a buffa loan. They will give you an instant, indicative decision advising whether they accept, reject or need to conduct some further checks regarding the loan application.

Buffa are a black and white brand for a reason — they are always honest and upfront with customers regarding their loans. People always know exactly how much they are expected to pay back and when — before they agree to take out any loan with buffa.

Shaun TurnbullSenior Designer, SomeOne

The team at buffa understand how unpredictable life can be and the stress that nasty surprises such as an unexpected bill can cause.

That’s why they’ve made the process of applying for a buffa loan so simple. People can get the money they need and relax knowing that they’re supported by a friendly UK based team.

We worked with the founders of buffa to develop a full strategic position, then developed a cohesive and extensive visual and verbal brand world.

All assets were then uploaded and integrated with Cloudlines, the online guideline system — so there were able to remain up to date as the brand develops without the concerns that come with fixed PDF guidelines.