Challenging what we expect from ageing…

Everyone knows that with aging, comes skin that looks older. Wrinkles, sun damage, less tight, more problematic. But not everyone knows there is a particular treatment that can, with no nasty needles or unpleasant injectables, reverse these aspects.

Wrinkles — gone. Sun damage, reversed. Skin tighter and firmer.

It’s not lazers, creams, surgery or needles… it’s a proven, fully certified, tried and tested method. And it has been pioneered in the UK.  Wales to be precise.

It’s called nitrogen plasma — and the leading brand is called NeoGen.

NeoGen is one of the experts favourite age reversal technology for skin. The business is the originator of the most established, most tested, most globally certified, and safest approach in the sector. But it’s ambitions are yet to be fully realised.

Uniquely able to work across a wide range of skin types, areas and challenges, the nitrogen plasma system tackles everything from fine lines, broken veins, sun damage, pigmentation variances and general skin quality. Yet the audience is an understandably sceptical one, they need unusually significant levels of information and brand clarity to convert.

Unusually, patients can choose how treatments can fit around their lifestyles, meaning there’s never a concern around downtime. A huge barrier to any kind of treatment, particularly to the face.

NeoGen looked to SomeOne for entirely new challenger approach. Strategically, Visually & Verbally. Helping to take the brand to new levels regarding how it talks to it’s audience, how it shows up and how it can move from being a well kept secret to a well loved remedy.

Lets get the obvious questions out of the way

NeoGen Plasma is fully manufactured in the UK, patented in key global markets, FDA cleared (K132754) for 7 indications since 2013, clinically proven by +30 IRB clinical studies.

So yes, it’s safe.

Across the globe, hundreds of medical aesthetic practitioners have performed 100,000’s of effective treatments without any reported adverse incidents to date.

So yes, it’s proven.

NeoGen simultaneously treats multiple aspects of the health and appearance of the skin using unique Nitrogen Plasma technology.

Nitrogen Plasma technology is distinctive and stands apart from traditional skin treatments.

By generating plasma from nitrogen gas, NeoGen creates a controlled thermal energy that can be precisely delivered to the skin.

This energy stimulates a cascade of positive effects, targeting multiple concerns simultaneously, such as wrinkles and lines, the eye area and skin tightening.

The skins architecture consists of layers, Neogen treatments help restore and stimulate them to bring skin back to life, reversing the visible signs of aging. I didn’t believe it either. But it does. So creating a visual and verbal branding system to build both confidence and understanding was incredibly important and exactly what we’ve delivered.

Laura HusseyExecutive Creative Director, SomeOne.

The layers of skin treated by NeoGen are now visual themes that reoccur throughout the new branding. From the layers in the wordmark to the animated signature CGI’s.

Lucy RichardsonLead Designer, SomeOne.

A radical new visual identity was developed based upon the treatments specialisms.

The multiple layers of skin

Layers play a large part in the new visual identity, from the wordmark that uses them in place of the letter ‘E’ to the bespoke CGI imagery developed to be used across all premium branded touchpoints.

high level control

Unlike other brands that have emerged in the sector, NeoGen offers a uniquely controllable system, enabling people to have very light treatments with zero downtime. This level of control is reflected in the layering theme, close together for high power, spaced out for low power applications.

challenger technology

NeoGen was the first to create the process, make the machines and technology and have it ready to be tested and deployed globally.

Wales is the birthplace of many surprising and enduring inventions, from the Microphone by David Edward Hughes to Radar Edward ‘Taffy’ Bowen and Deep space photography Isaac Roberts (1829—1904)

Acne, wrinkles & pigmentation variations may not be life-threatening, but they can significantly impact people’s confidence. This mission is to restore that confidence through the more intelligent application of technology that works in concert with your skin.

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne.

challenge the 21 year old beauty queen

The beauty industry is awash with pictures of impossibly beautiful, young women who have no need to use the products they advertise.

NeoGen is proud to work to help women make the most of what they have. The technology reawakens layers of skin rather than introduces foreign substances.

So rather than follow industry norms, we chose to cast and photograph more experienced, mature women who were not only comfortable, but confident in the skin they are in.


A new challenger strategy

After extensive research we concluded that while aesthetics are well covered in the sector, the confidence gained through treatments is rarely discussed. NeoGen practitioners were particularly clear about the outcomes that occurred beyond the visual…

‘I’ve had people turn around and get the job they always wanted because their confidence has given them the opportunity.’ 

‘After performing about 3,000 treatments I would say you’re absolutely right.’ 

‘I believe the driving power that this technology possesses is the restoration of confidence. When you restore youth you’re giving them a gift that is irreplaceable and we see it over and over again.’ 


While the science and data makes it clear that NeoGen is the most trusted and proven plasma route to bright, clear & more youthful skin — There’s more to it.

Not only does the NeoGen approach avoid the barriers of injections, cuts, stitches or the application of creams in hope of change.

NeoGen simply revitalises what people already have — making skin naturally beautiful again — but more than that, they make people feel incredible, again.

Which is how we arrived at the strategic territory of CONFIDENCE BUILDING TECHNOLOGY

NeoGen were the first to find a new way to reverse the visual effects of ageing. They took it all over the world, making sure every country had the chance to check and test it against their most stringent standards — it passed every time.

NeoGen works with complex science, but stems from one powerful idea. If you could erase the signs of age of your skin, what would you change? Those areas that bother you — that hold you back. Imagine what your life would be like with those parts taken care of. You can now make that happen. Swiftly, seamlessly & safely.

Few things are as fragile as an eyelid, a smile or the confidence of a person under the scrutiny of the masses. NeoGen do not enter lightly into these arenas. They arrive prepared with the latest technology and the highest levels of knowledge to naturally rejuvenate tired skin.

Pleasure is always derived from something outside of you, whereas joy arises from within.

Eckhart TolleThe Power of Now

A set of radical digital visual assets were created in addition to the wordmark, colour system, typography and iconography.

Based on the layers of skin NeoGen treats so effectively, and unlike the majority of design aspects found in the beauty industry — this part of the design systems sets out to make the most of digital applications.

Moving assets significantly and positively change how long audiences spend with a brand online — so these animated images not only serve to attract within digital applications, but can also be used in static form on more traditional printed communications.


SomeOne delivered an entire brand world system for NeoGen — applied anywhere a customer is. From print to pixel, trade shows to exhibitions and in practitioners practices worldwide.

The brand is now ready to challenge the sector to help more people than ever build their confidence further.

Huge thanks to the team at NeoGen.

SomeOne Team
Simon Manchipp, Founder
Laura Hussey, Executive Creative Director
Lucy Richardson, Lead Designer
Isobel Gillott, Account Manager