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More is more.

Following our award-winning rebrand of Fridays in 2020, we were commissioned to create the new name, story and identity for their group of premium cocktail bars.

“The First Fridays was opened in Manhattan, NYC in 1965 — Specifically on the spot where two roads meet, 63rd Street and 1st Avenue.”

The story

The brief was straightforward; to re-establish ownership of cocktails and bar heritage for Fridays with a premium offer. The new day and night spaces needed to appeal to all members of public.

We began with the name — 63rd+1st — which was derived from the location of the original TGI Fridays. From this, the ‘+’ or idea of ‘more’ would play a pivotal role in all elements of the brand, from strategy, to experience, to design.

The ‘+’ represents the coming together of many things. People, culture, tastes and styles. Quite literally the place where two roads meet. And it stands for more. We always offer more and are famous for our generous and lively spirit. The same feeling instilled into the Fridays’ bar back in 1965.

Dan StaplesCMO — Fridays

The identity

Using the Fridays BrandWorld as a springboard, we developed a new graphic system that was appropriate for a more premium offering — the core elements flexing to feel more at home in this specific space.

The ‘+’ is also used to great effect, whether as a bold statement graphic, subtle sophisticated pattern, or key element within our voice.

We cut out the cliche’s of hospitality and cut a new path for the brand… A radical tone of voice, a progressive design system, all found on touch points throughout the brand, from fascia, to bespoke bartender jackets, to subtle graphics on tableware.

Karina StolfDesigner — SomeOne

The Space

Working closely with a team of talented interior designers, we helped sculpt the physical experience of 63rd+1st, creating a space that feels premium yet accessible. Relaxing in the morning yet vibrant by night.

We considered every element of the experience — what looks, feels, smells and tastes great also needs to sound great (we even orchestrated the mix of musical genres).

Rich RhodesCreative Director — SomeOne

The first 63rd+1st has opened in Cobham — 63rdand1st.co.uk — we recommend the Lobster.