Food & Drink

The Fridays Feeling.

TGI Fridays is one of the world’s most loved and recognisable hospitality brands. Launched in 1965 on the corner of New York’s 63rd & 1st, famous for flamboyant cocktails, delectable dishes and a certain film featuring Tom Cruise, the brand has always delivered a unique and entertaining experience and created incredible emotional connections with many consumers.

Under new leadership, we have been working with the brand for the past 6 months to redefine their BrandWorld — both visually and verbally.


Best food & drink branding — 2020 Transform Awards

Top 100 news story — Creative Review 2020

An original strategy

We began with a full strategic overhaul, drilling down to and establishing the key essence of the brand — The Fridays Feeling, that original idea of fun and entertainment from back in New York. It was essential that this strategic driver was something that could touch every corner of the brand, from the design, to customer service to physical interiors. The Fridays Feeling is a reflection of the energy and excitement the brand brings to the party. 

To align with the concentrated strategic thought, we also updated the name — Fridays. Over time the ‘TGI’ had become lost and confused, it was time to be single-minded and confident.

“Our vision is to make Fridays famous again so we needed to breathe fresh life into the brand by relevantly leveraging the past. The Fridays Feeling is the inspiration for our new food and drink menus and a service plan designed to consistently deliver the best guest experiences and a generosity of spirit.

Robert B CookCEO, Fridays

“Now shorter, sharper and more contemporary. The name becomes part of our language and can be flexed into a number of headlines — from Feel Good Fridays, to Fridays, i’m in love.”

Gary HoltFounder, SomeOne

“Consumer insight has directly informed the brand relaunch for Fridays. It confirmed there was a need for investment in the quality of the food, the relevance of the cocktails and simplification of the service plan. We need a coherent brand identity that supports reconsideration and helps make us famous again.”

Dan StaplesCMO, Fridays

Heritage with a twist

The new logo is inspired by the iconic original signage. After testing a range of logos from the past, we discovered the holding shape was in fact the most recognisable part. This was reintroduced in a bold, simple and sophisticated way. The logo also neatly reduces down to the F icon, a recognisable symbol to be deployed when closer to the brand, onsite or online.

“Steeped in heritage, with a modern twist, the logo is a reflection of the new approach and attitude.”

Rich RhodesCreative Director, SomeOne

In addition to the logo, we’ve also gone back to the brand’s roots with the use of vertical stripes (which were inspired by the Barnum and Bailey circus). The original awnings of the 1965 bar used bold vertical stripes, something that had been diluted with the modern inclusion of angles and textures. The bold new vertical stripes form the backbone of the BrandWorld and can be flexed to play either a significant visual role or more of a subtle detail.

Digitally remastered

To support the growing number of digital services offered by Fridays, such as Click & Collect and home delivery, it was essential all elements of the BrandWorld had a new digital focus. They are built to move and adapt. Built to be accessible. And most importantly, built to give you the Fridays service offer, anywhere in the UK.

The Fridays voice

We rewrote the tone of voice to be more exciting, personable and simple (but still packed with plenty of personality). Humour is a key characteristic of the new voice, but with the right balance of fun vs function. So whether you’ve got dibs on the ribs or if the spice is right, it’s always from Fridays.

“While we focussed on developing a watertight operating system, it was important that we didn’t lose sight of the character synonymous to Fridays. So we have made sure to deliver a touch of frivolity on all design materials and instil that as part of the brand’s DNA. Whether it be playful copy, cheeky icons or illustration.”

Cosmo JamesonDesign Director, SomeOne

Edible photography

We’ve also developed a sumptuous new photography style, with The Fridays Feeling at the heart. We’ve amped up the action and saturation to make the food and drink look as appealing (and tasty) as possible. The inclusion of hands adds a premium touch and the oozes of sauce add that “can’t get enough” personality and delectability.

“We shot stills and videos to bring the food and drink to life — swirling espresso martinis, gently falling mint leaves and a deluge of fries. It all evokes the theatre of the Fridays experience.”

Karina StolfDesigner, SomeOne

Fine-tuned for every Fridays

The BrandWorld toolkit has resulted in an identity that can flex for every medium and every location. Strong, simple use of core elements on packaging and signage, through to playful visual application on promotion materials.

Through collaboration and a mutual feeling of responsibility to the brand heritage, we are seeing the identity go from strength to strength. Fridays’ unfaltering desire to return the brand to its former glory has, and continues to be, the driving force for our ongoing relationship.

Freya SpencerJunior Account Manager, SomeOne