Looking for painless tech solutions? Likewize.

Brightstar operates in over 30 countries, resolving 250 million problems each year across insurance, warranty, repairs, trade-ins, recycling, and premium tech support for the worlds mobile devices.

We worked with Brightstar to entirely reimagine their organisation, culminating in a comprehensive rebrand of the company, designed to showcase the transformation from its origins as a mobile phone distributor to a complete tech protection and support provider.

SomeOne worked with the senior leadership team and engaged with hundreds of staff at Brightstar to develop a new brand strategy, messaging, the new globally registered brand name and a radical supporting new visual and verbal identity — applied at launch to thousands of items, physical locations and digital platforms.

The new visual design work comprises of entirely new colour systems, photography, bespoke typography, iconography and signature graphic assets in both static and animated forms.

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we live, work, and interact with one another to the extent that reliance on devices has never been greater.

Today, people cannot function productively or live happily without their personal tech – even the slightest interruption can cause significant disruption.

Likewize’s mission is to offer the most comprehensive protection against any technology disruption. Whether a device is lost, stolen, damaged, malfunctioning, in need of an upgrade or the user does not know how to do something, Likewize provides a solution.

New investments in industry-leading systems and services

At its core, the company was founded to identify ways of giving people easy access to technology,” said Rod Millar, Likewize CEO.

“Since then, we have continually expanded our capabilities to solve the evolving problems of the technology industry. Over the past decade we have undergone a fundamental transformation journey, from a distributor to a tech protection and support company.”

“Due to the company changing fundamentally, we knew it was necessary to change the brand to accurately reflect this profound shift. Likewize offers a much stronger sense of our identity and what we want to accomplish. I’ve felt we have been the industry’s best kept secret and now that is all about to change.”

The new visual brand deploys a living grid that is designed to hold, amplify and brand messaging across the entire suite of communications. The dots also animate to come alive in digital applications — moving Likewize further away from the proliferation of static and predictable brands in the sector.

Karina StolfLead Designer, SomeOne.

The rebrand comes after a period of significant global investment for the company, with approximately $1 billion USD invested on industry-leading systems and services.

This included the acquisitions of LucidCX and WeFix, which added premium tech support and mobile repair capabilities to Likewize’s strategically expanding service portfolio.

This work sets the organisation apart from any competitor, confidently establishing Likewize as the leading brand of choice in the sector. Working on a global footing often leads brands to adopt a bland path of least resistance — the team here have bucked this trend with a new name, visual and verbal BrandWorld that refuses to go unnoticed.

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne.
SomeOne touched every aspect of the project, even down to designing and producing bespoke branded uniform, printed merchandise and VIP gifts so that Likewize staff and clients have a memorable onboarding and welcome to the new brand.
Ellie KnightAccount Manager
250 million
Over 250 million requests are handled every year. That’s around 68,500 a day across insurance, warranty, repairs, trade-ins, recycling and premium tech support.

Likewize is now unique in its category in that it offers the broadest and best range of after-sales products and services, including:

  • Tech Protection: Expert service and fast resolution
    (tech insurance, extended warranty)
  • Tech Repair: In store. At home. Anywhere repair
    (come to you repairs, walk in repairs, mail-in repairs)
  • Tech Renewal: Making technology affordable for all
    (trade ins, recycling and certified devices, logistics and supply)
  • Tech Support: Always on tech expertise and customer support
    (premium tech support, knowledge management, customer engagement) 

Likewize is trusted by many of the world’s biggest banks, brands, and telcos to ensure their customers have continuous connection to technology.

Over recent years as the importance of technology has grown in our daily lives, so too has the importance of keeping people connected and this is our singular focus each and every day. We got to the point where we were misunderstood. Many people did not realise the value we bring, why we exist, the breadth of what we do, or the advanced technology we are using to enable us to be uniquely better than anyone else. Perception of us lagged behind reality and we recognised the need to make people reassess who we are and what we do.”

Rod MillarLikewize CEO

In conjunction with the rebrand, Likewize also announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art fulfillment center in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area in the U.S.

The highly automated facility will enable Likewize to keep pace with its ongoing growth, enhance the overall customer experience and optimize its U.S. footprint.

It will also serve as Likewize’s global supply chain center of excellence, while creating a projected 500 local jobs that will help to process 42 million devices per year.

The new facility comes hot on the heels of the opening of the company’s new customer contact center in Crewe, U.K., part of Likewize’s £50M investment into the country to provide a dedicated hub for excellence in customer service.

I loved the process and how enjoyable it was working with SomeOne – it was always fun. I am tremendously proud of having been part of the journey. You should have seen the reaction of our Top 200 managers when I shared the work with them. One senior manager with 20+ years experience summed it up by saying, ‘I have never seen a better presentation than that, in all my career, It was fantastic.’

Jeremy DaleCMO, Likewize.

In addition to the visual, it was essential Likewize had a sonic property that reflects the brand story.

Rich RhodesExecutive Creative Director, SomeOne

The sonic was split into three complementing sounds that all have meaning. Like was given a positive sound, reminiscent of a ‘like’ on social platforms, whilst wize is an intelligent sound, something that reflects Likewize. Completed by a closing sound, reminiscent of resolution. Listen to it below.

Huge thanks to the entire Likewize team
— particularly Rod, Jeremy, Matt, Simon, Maria, Tim & Valentina.