Walking it? Make it worth it.

Inntravel are leading the way in walking holidays — that’s because they’ve walked every step, eaten at every restaurant and slept in every hotel. For 40 years the brand has been uncovering and curating the most remarkable locations around Europe.

Whether it’s a gentle walk along the South Devon coast, or a hike through the hill-top towns of Tuscany, Inntravel will guide you on a walk that’s worth it.

In 2023 Inntravel commissioned SomeOne to take their rich history and reposition the brand for a new, modern audience.

opening a conversation with strategy

Based on behavioural studies, extensive interviews with staff and customers, and sector-wide analysis, we discovered that while over 80% of travellers expressed a willingness to embark on another walking holiday, those who were new to the concept were hesitant due to a singular factor.

Walking proves enjoyable when one is familiar with the route. However, in unfamiliar terrain, in warmer weather conditions, the appeal diminishes. This is why many opt to rent a car; it offers the convenience of easily correcting a wrong turn by simply turning around. Conversely, retracing one’s steps for two miles on foot feels like a significant waste of time and energy, particularly during a holiday.

The brand’s strategy was crafted based on both the obstacle encountered by individuals and the enduring proposition offered by the company. Inntravel provides a comprehensive guarantee against exhaustion, frustration, and, perhaps most crucially, the fear of missing out. They offer a map for guidance and experienced personnel who have traversed every step to provide explanations.

The slogan “When you walk it, we make it worth it” aims to both inspire and reassure new travellers. It initiates a dialogue about Inntravel’s ability to circumvent the challenges of exploration while maximising the enjoyment of every step. The new clarity powered messaging, language, tone of voice and new visual amplifiers for the rebrand. 

Wandering through new valleys, strolling across novel landscapes, passing old villages, vineyards, forests and lakesides, all becomes more appealing when guesswork isn’t part of the journey. This new strategic brand system enables Inntravel to lead the way.

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne.

A Brandworld with purpose

Inspired by fingerpost signs, that are synonymous with walking, Inntravel’s main visual asset is the signpost. This device literally guides people through the brand. It can be used for highlighting keywords, drawing attention to information, or dynamically amplifying graphics. There is also a subtle nod to the signpost within the logo, to add an additional layer of personality and ownability.


The Curator

Inntravel are the ultimate walking holiday guides. To elevate this idea, we developed various embellishments and illustrations drawn by the Inntravel Curator. These hints, tips and insights open up a rich and compelling vehicle for storytelling and add charming, personal moments to the brand. The Inntravel Curator doodles in the margins of travel guides — sharing the delights they’ve discovered on their travels.


Imagine having the perfect holiday cheat guide — the best wine bars, the best restaurants, the best hotels — all delivered with charm and purpose

Rich RhodesECD, SomeOne


The style of the curator continues through a range of illustrations that are used effectively throughout the brand. Whilst adding an editorial touch of personality, the illustrations also help reflect the experiences on offer.

What’s special about Inntravel is how tailored and personalised their holidays are, so it made complete sense to convey this in their brand. The personal touches of the script font, illustrations and signposts provide so much character and individuality. Travelling is such a joyful thing to do – it had to be a joyful identity.

Flo CampbellLead Designer


As Inntravel targets such a broad audience of walkers, the BrandWorld has been designed to seamlessly connect across all channels, from print to digital to physical.

SomeOne’s structured approach combined customer research, team interviews and a deep review of our position in the market to come up with a renewed purpose that has significantly raised the bar & created a real buzz. The talented team assembled by SomeOne is world-class.

Sarah FusseyMarketing Director, Inntravel

InnTravel’s grounded and comforting feel makes it one of the best rebrands I’ve seen in recent times

Natalie FearCreative Bloq

SomeOne team:


Simon Manchipp — Founder

Rich Rhodes — ECD

Fi Casey — DD

Flo Campbell — Lead Designer

Jamie Bush — Illustrator

Beth Baines — Account Direction