New Look


Fashion Forward.

This was one of our first projects… We rebranded New Look in 2008 ready for the next generation of shoppers.

Essentially we set out to re-branding every woman’s guilty high-street secret. While almost every woman in the UK has a little NewLook in their wardrobe, few liked to admit to it.

New Look occupies over 4 million sq feet of retail space and growing. Their mission is to be at the heart of every fashion conversation.

Stores re-branded

The branding culminated with the launch of the new flagship concept stores in Liverpool One & Westfield, London.

The brand world that we created ran not only through surface applications but was integrated into the store design, from window shapes to seating design.

The BrandWorld set out to gently remind people where they were shopping, without reptitive brand badging.

We orchestrated the design work behind the launch of the brand in Europe as well as being their brand guardians world-wide.

Brand revenue