Personio is the planets best software for managing people in small to medium-sized businesses.

In 6 years they have gone from a $200 investment to being valued at $6 billion in 2021 — one of Europe’s most valuable start-ups.

SomeOne was asked to create a new visual and verbal identity for their latest idea — People Workflow Automation. A category of software that is a first in the HR space…

‘The idea for Personio, which is focused on serving small and medium-sized businesses, came from hearing how a friend was struggling to manage HR processes at the company where he was working as a chief technology officer because he didn’t have the necessary software.’ CNBC

Its newest category of software, called People Workflow Automation … aims to remove software barriers between HR and other company departments, for instance, if various tasks need to be completed across different parts of a business when hiring an employee.

Vicky McKeeverWriter, CNBC

People are at the heart of almost all businesses, but complexity arises fast from connecting all parts of the business to the employee, with processes getting tangled up quickly, staff experiencing morale-sapping annoyances — and the business faces missing out on the opportunity of getting the most out of their brilliant people.

For example, there’s nothing worse than missing out on a chance to go on holiday — just because HR can’t clear the dates for you fast enough to book that flight. Personio joins up departments, software platforms and people to make sure staff, and business avoids missing out on good things.

A beautiful seamlessness runs through Personio’s vision for business. We created a new visual language based upon its signature to show how the software helps firms connect better internally.

Mark SmithCreative Director, SomeOne.

Businesses now use a vast array of software, from Slack to Sage… Teams to LinkedIn — Personio is the first platform to enable all the software to talk together, with a single dashboard enabling HR to see what’s happening where and to whom. And with the new levels of automation, the software can be set to auto-approve requests, update data and ensure information is never lost between departments.

Using the existing logo as our starting point, we wanted to create a brand property that amplified Personio’s unique PWA technology, as well as visually represent a seamless/connected benefit. Introducing The Flow —  a visual metaphor of People Workflow Automation. Effortless, bold and empowering.

Andy GoodeSenior Designer, SomeOne.

We worked with the senior founders of Personio to work on how to best tell the story of the brand and its new endeavours — understanding that by removing delays, everything works better and enables firms to realise their opportunities.

People Workflow Automation changes the way people work across applications and teams. After all, business runs better when all your people and apps are ‘talking.’

The new work sets out to open a conversation about the benefits of automation, how it helps great HR people do more of what they love, and less of the repetitive tasks.

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne.

Working with cutting edge CGI systems, the brands signature was digitised and used as inspiration for a new series of visual assets that animate and can be shot from an infinite number of angles — providing both still and animated elements to bring the brand story alive.

Personio works across the entire lifetime of an employees time at a business. From hiring to onboarding, promoting, training, managing and even leaving. The new work extends the brand to be able to highlight the many offers and benefits Personio brings to a company.

We developed the work in global online sessions and in-person workshops from London & Munich. The new work has been successfully deployed across all of Personio’s owned channels, from social to web to print to physical.

Ellie KnightAccount Manager, SomeOne.

‘We save about three hours work every single day in recruiting and communication with candidates. Reporting has become much more efficient, and HR administration is now seamless.‘ Magdalena Rautinger, Head of HR – MediaShop GmbH

‘Because most administrative HR processes now run automatically, we have more time for our heart’s desires.‘ Lara Schweinebart, Senior HR Manager – CleverShuttle

‘We moved from an old system that was disconnected to a central source of data where we see all our employee information in one place.’ Lara Felske, Human Resources Lead – SkinVision

Huge thanks to all involved, particularly Hanno, Roman, Nick, Philipp, Marta, Renato, Laura & Koo.