Power through Partnership.

AssuredPartners is one of the largest insurance brokers in the U.S., exceeding more than $2.25B in revenue since founding in 2011.

The firm asked us to re-assess their entire visual brand identity.

We worked to improve their brand identity and communications by better aligning to their strategic mission ‘Power through Partnership’.


Assured Partners deliver more than 250 products and services


We created a flexible brand asset that literally visualises ‘Power through Partnership’. Using three-dimensional silhouettes of the letters A and P, we created a dynamic ‘Venn diagram’, where the magic is in the overlap. With hundreds of possible variations, the AP asset simplifies and enriches the brand messaging for each vertical, whilst always remaining true to the masterbrand.

AssuredPartners has a unique story with our growth through acquisition. With the addition of all our new partners, branding was a bit of a challenge. There has been a fine line of legacy and new brand. This project allowed us to explore our history and define who we are today and where we want to go in the future. The complex nature of the ask was met with open arms, and we created a unique look and feel for ourselves while keeping the ability to identify with our legacy. The team, process and end results far exceeded our expectations.

Jamie ReinertSVP Marketing and Communications, AssuredPartners


For the design, the fixed elements of the identity were upgraded – we redrew the symbol and wordmark for better readability, with redefined colourways better suited for digital output, as well as a new suite of icons.

Assured Partners serve 900,000 clients


A new photography system was created to represent the industry verticals and push away from the generic stock imagery used within insurance.

The system consists of two sections: ‘Human Touch’ and ‘Working Environment’. Combining the imagery with the ‘Partnershapes’ while keeping people at the heart of the business.

We developed a full strategic model from the foundations of ‘Power through Partnership’ adding new values and tone of voice to help guide the personality of the brand.

Assured Partners work with 9,200 members of their team.

The new branding reflects what has been happening behind the scenes for a long time. When AssuredPartners and their clients meet, a powerful connection is made. This overlap is also about embracing change, technology and innovation.

Laura HusseyECD, SomeOne


In refining the brand architecture, subtle design nuances of colour, illustration and photographic styles helped differentiate between the business, personal and private client arms of the business, in turn helping customers and partners easily navigate through the brand and its offerings.

35 states, 250 cities, 4 countries


We worked with illustrator Peter Greenwood to create a suite of illustrations to use within the personal insurance category of their business. Alongside the introduction of illustration, we decided to lead with the vibrant AssuredPartners Blue and treat the Partnershapes as singular graphic devices. We approached photography slightly differently, being more family orientated and friendly.


The private client insurance category within the business needed to have a more premium edge, while still being recognisable as AssuredPartners. We approached this by leading with AssuredPartners Navy, designing minimal layouts and creating a new photography system — pulling away from people and focusing more on inspiring imagery and the finer details.

The ‘Venn diagram’ was a simple yet dynamic approach to represent the strategy ‘Power through Partnership’. With such simplicity, we had plenty of room to flex the concept through different channels, while keeping the brand consistent, clean and approachable. The additional 3D motion elements, photography style and illustration really pushed the boundaries in the branding world of insurance.

Ryan ParsonsDesigner, SomeOne

Thanks to all at AssuredPartners, Jaime. Erin and Lynne.

SomeOne Team.

David Law — Founder, Strategic Director
Laura Hussey — Executive Creative Director
Shaun Turnbull — Creative Director
Ryan Parsons — Lead Designer
Melvyn Johnson — Senior Designer
Luca Portik — Designer
Ben Field — Account Director
Eliza Wilkie — Junior Account Manager
Peter Greenwood — Illustrator