Luxury relaxation, made for two.

We spent just over a year helping create the branding and communications for Cyprus’s very first hotel for couples only. The concept was simple – imagine a hotel where you can really ‘unplug’ from your other commitments and focus on the one relationship that has maybe taken a back seat, perhaps because of concentrating on career or building a family. Every day should feel like a Honeymoon.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2019

So how do you go about creating an atmosphere that can help strengthen a couples’ feeling of togetherness? The answer is by offering not only an environment where you can really be alone together, but also to offer very different experiences under the same roof to delight and inspire. Imagine a luxury cruise on land.

Amavi is the first and only custom-designed, couples-only luxury hotel in Cyprus, created by one of the island’s most experienced hotel groups, Kanika Hotels.


The name ‘Amavi’ translates as ‘I loved’ in Latin and draws from the guests’ experience – either as honeymooners or couples reconnecting, free from work and family commitments.

The hotel identity itself centres around the sense of ‘togetherness’. It’s the feeling of closeness, affinity and of shared memories between couples, using interlocking patterns which reference the shadows cast beneath palm trees or over water.

As well as the hotel identity, we designed ten distinctly different dining and entertainment experiences, each with its own brand identity, all supporting the hotel’s master strategy.

The aim was to create a variety of experiences to continually surprise and delight guests during their stay.

Individual brands in one spectacular location
Over the past 5 years alone, Kanika Hotels & Resorts has earned more than 100 prestigious industry awards