A brand for all of Parentkind.

When PTA UK (formerly NCPTA) was established over 60 years ago, its goal was to advance education by encouraging homes and schools to work together; helping parents to have a voice in their child’s school and at national level.

This remains the case.

But the time had come to look at the visual and verbal branding.

The name wasn’t helping matters, the visuals were outdated — and new digital experiences needed to be developed for a mobile-first generation of customer.

So the organisation turned to SomeOne to help them get ready for a new decade of support.

‘I am thrilled with our new name and design because, I believe as Parentkind, we can do even more to help all mums, dads, grandparents & carers to take an active role in whichever way they can and want to.’

Michelle Doyle WildmanCEO, Parentkind

The change to Parentkind reflects the brands original aim: To support and champion all the different ways that parents can get involved in their child’s education, to help every child thrive.

The new visual and verbal identity better reflects everything they do as a membership organisation and a charity.

‘There was a huge amount of energy behind this project, it was important that the branding captured this and used it to engage and inspire the new Parentkind. Creating a particularly unique tone of voice in the charity sector was a highlight for me. As it was developed hand-in-hand with the brand identity, it has given the entire project a very strong and coherent personality’ — Katrina Peel, Lead Designer, SomeOne

4.6 million
Children supported by PTA UK members

What does this mean for PTAs?

Members are at the heart of Parentkind does and the brand is committed to supporting the important role they play in schools.

The refreshed brand will open the door to encourage a wider group of parents to get involved with their PTA as well as volunteer in other ways in our schools.

Being active in a parent association makes a massive difference to the educational experience of every child.

Parentkind Members are a force for good in education and in school — keep up the great work!

What does this mean for Parents?

84% of parents say they want to be more involved with their child’s school and learning (view research here)

When it comes to how well a child does at school, parents really matter —- so Parentkind wants to encourage, enable and inspire more parents to get involved, at home and in school.

Being part of a PTA is one great way to support a child and their school. But it’s not right for everyone.

Parentkind want to champion all the ways parents can get involved and make a difference; as a volunteer in the classroom, raising money for schools, supporting learning at home, as a governor or by sharing their views. They want parents to be informed and understand how important their role is, to sweep away barriers to participating in a child’s education and school life, and have a the confidence to support children. And they want to create the conditions in schools for positive parental participation to thrive.

of UK Schools are members
84% of Parents want a say in children’s education

What does this mean for Schools?

Teachers and parents working together can have a powerful impact on how our children feel about their education and how well they do academically. At Parentkind, the team is working with schools to help them (through training, toolkits and network membership) to create great partnerships and be as  parent-friendly as possible. As the new home for Parent Councils, they will also be able to support schools in setting up and sustaining effective consultative forums too.

Find out more about their training workshops available across the UK.

Society is changing. Parenting is changing. Schools are changing. And, therefore, we are changing too. We felt that the name PTA UK no longer reflected the breadth of support we can offer to parents, PTAs and other parent groups as well as schools.

As Parentkind, we will work hard to promote parent participation in education. As well as helping parents in their vital role, Parentkind will support schools to be more parent-friendly and work with policy makers so that parental involvement and engagement is valued and enabled at a national and local level.

Michelle Doyle WildmanCEO, Parentkind

‘The new branding is based on celebrating parents and the power they hold to make children realise their potential. The joyful new design work sets out to champion parents — the newly designed colour systems, imagery, icons and graphic devices sing their praises.’ Simon Manchipp – Founder, SomeOne.

Traditionally, branding that comprised of more than a logo, typeface and colour were demanding to manage. Yet the branding systems that offered more flexibility regularly gave products, services and organisations a strong commercial advantage.

The new strategic visual & verbal brand world created by SomeOne for ParentKind is managed using Cloudlines — enabling the many assets to be dynamically deployed, updated & continually optimised. The new tools created for the brand, from messaging to navigational iconography are being seamlessly rolled out across all touchpoints from this one simple, powerful platform. Find out more here.