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Six Accolades won at Transform2020.

2020 Saw a bumper harvest at this years Transform Awards.

Argyll Club
— Best Visual Identity in Property

Brent Cross South — Best Place or Nation Brand

Lumity — Best Visual Identity in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Nuffield Health — Best Visual Identity in Lifestyle and Wellness

Simmons & Simmons — Best Visual Identity in Professional Services

Xe — Best Visual Identity in Financial Services

2020 has been a record year for submissions at one of the cornerstones of the creative award calendar.

It stands out as it is one of the schemes judged by clients, not just creative directors.

It’s always interesting to see what work catches their eye each year, based on what the work has done for the organisations beyond æsthetics.

Nuffield Health — Strategy, BrandWorld, Roll out, Guardianship

Simmons+Simmons: Strategy, BrandWorld & Roll out

XE: Strategy, BrandWorld & Roll out

Lumity: Strategy, BrandWorld & Roll out

Brent Cross South: Strategy & Brand Launch operating system

Argyll Club: Strategy, Naming, BrandWorld & Roll out

Huge thanks go to all involved in this years selected projects.

It’s notable that this year it’s not just one runaway success that catches the limelight but six brands in six very different sectors.

As we are fond of saying at SomeOne, we work in all sectors, all over the world, all of the time, and this is a super demonstration of that behaviour.

This year see’s SomeOne’s broad spectrum of clients reflected in the awards. From property, places, healthcare, lifestyle & wellness, to Legal services and the financial sector.

We’ve never seen the point in limited thinking.

So many design companies specialise in only taking on start-ups, or only working with large firms. We think this is nuts.

What we learn from working with cutting edge new fintech’s we can pass on to established global brands (without crossing the all important NDA’s!) — and vice versa.

An open-arms policy to projects makes a more rewarding process for all involved. Keeping our creative teams stimulated and propelling the brands we work with further forward.

All of the projects that won at this years TransformAwards share one key aspect that we look for in any challenge: A desire to change, and a need to make it pay. That’s why we continue to be chosen over others and what makes us look forward to Monday. We make change pay.