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Hiring: Graphic Branding Designer — Junior & Mid levels invited…

Why work with us? Well…

» We’re rated the No.1 Branding practice in the UK in 2022 (CreativePool Ranking 22)
» We’re good to our people — voted the Best Place to Work (Creative Pool Awards 21)
» Award-winning output every year since we opened the doors (18 years ago).
» We’re working globally from studios in London, Sydney, New York & Singapore.
» Founded by designers who are all still working at SomeOne.
» SomeOne has even been rated at the Best studio in the world (we couldn’t believe it either)

So clearly, we’re excellent at bragging. But SomeOne is more than a collection of gongs & accolades — it’s a team of highly skilled, highly motivated creative minds who want to debunk the sector, bring refreshing ideas to thirsty clients and deliver on our promises.

For 18 years we’ve been building a practice that tackles projects that are too big, too complex and too important to be delivered by one person. We deliver creative thinking to briefs that are at scale, in detail, of significance.



We’re not a family that puts up with annoying cousins — we’re a sports team that consists of the best players in the premiership. Everyone contributes, everyone has purpose, everyone is in it for the win.

And we actually like each other. 

SomeOne is looking for a Junior to Mid-level Graphic Branding Designer to join our team in our London HQ.

This is one of the most exciting ‘hands on’ creative roles at SomeOne.

Your primary job is to create branding for projects of all sizes—often more than one at the same time — and generally ones that are big, complex & important.

What the role will look like

  • You’ll be responsible for design not just graphic, and you should be brilliant at inspiring and organising your work
  • You’ll be a dedicated designer who wants to grow as a team member and design professional
  • Your design work will set a high bar and be an example of world-class thinking and creativity
  • You’ll need to see the bigger strategic picture, understand clients’ worlds, and be persuasive!
  • You’ll be expected to make creative calls on projects — so your judgment and decision-making skills should be excellent
  • You will contribute to large-scale pitches — this is often fast, but great fun. So speed, as ever, is an advantage.
  • With the wider team of Designers & Directors, you will fuel the creative voice of SomeOne.

What your background might look like

  • You can come from any design background, but you will excel if you are a strategic thinker — your core disciplines of graphic design and all that it covers are central to success  but so is a pro-active approach and inquisitive mind.
  • BA / MA degree in design
  • You’ll have some experience creating, recreating and managing visual, verbal and strategic branding projects, more senior roles = more experience required.

What you’ll be like to work with

  • You’re thoughtful and have a clear point of view
  • You’re committed and pretty confident (but never cocky)
  • You have high expectations of yourself and others
  • You’re mature and perceptive—able to ‘read’ a room and evaluate complex situations
  • You’re cross-disciplinary by nature—you have a diverse background, but also believe the strongest work benefits from new and different perspectives
  • You’re a great problem solver, with the judgment, experience and decisiveness to make things happen
  • You’re generous and able to share ownership
  • You’re open minded, flexible, and not precious or protective about the work
  • You’re relentlessly energetic and positive, up for any challenge

Your experience and knowledge

A brilliant creative and strategic thinker who can see how creativity can solve business problems.

  • A designer interested in not just making beautiful visual work, but work that shapes products and experiences for people
  • A forward-thinker that pushes the status quo.
  • A great planner who constantly thinks ahead about the needs of the team, the project, and the client — able to prioritise and understand resourcing needs
  • An agile player who is resourceful and can keep up with dynamic and fast-moving engagements
  • A strong designer and thinker who can provide insight, encouragement, and constructive input to teams
  • A team leader who can work seamlessly and provide insight and direction with strategists, writers, and program managers

We are not the usual control-freak design group.
We don’t play at being management consultants.
We’re not a flash advertising agency.
We’re not a digital dweeb.

But we design, we create businesses, run ad campaigns, and develop platforms all day, everyday.

The tools you’ll use (and the least interesting part of this job ad)

You should be highly proficient in:

  • Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Motion is an advantage (but not a must!): After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro, Final Cut
  • Any knowledge of this little lot is great (but no biggie if not):
    • Front end design & development: CSS, HTML, Javascript, Processing
    • User experience: process flow, wire-framing

Apply now by emailing your PDFolio and an idea of what will get you excited on the money bit to &

Apologies: only successful applicants will be contacted.