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Gary Holt to sing praises of craft in contemporary visual brand identity.

How can you create a world-class brand? By crafting every aspect of it to join up.

This Thursday SomeOne co-founder Gary Holt is talking to the world-renowned Wynkyn de Worde Society about crafting BrandWorlds for the future. (and it’s £35 a ticket so it had better be good!)

As they say… ‘The society was founded in 1957, taking its name from William Caxton’s journeyman, Wynkyn de Worde. This was particularly appropriate as, after Caxton’s death, de Worde had been the first printer to set up his shop in Fleet Street, which was for centuries perhaps the world’s most famous centre of printing.

Its members provide the Society with a wide spectrum of people dedicated to excellence in all aspects of printing and the various stages of its creation, production, finishing and dissemination. Since its foundation, the Society has looked beyond the ever-changing techniques of the world of printing to the proliferating spheres of communication. This it has done chiefly through its main activity, four luncheons a year, which are followed by a talk given by an invited speaker. At these meetings, members and guests may question the speaker and comment on the address or use the occasion to discuss matters of mutual interest. The Society prides itself on the relaxed atmosphere of these occasions and the welcome afforded to its guests.

Other events are held during evenings and on Saturdays in a variety of locations. The Society has been privileged to have special exhibits mounted for its visits to libraries such as those at the Royal Library at Windsor, Lambeth Palace, Worcester College, Westminster Abbey, Hatfield House, the Plantin Moretus Museum in Antwerp and the Parker Library, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

The Society has printed some of the papers presented at its meetings as well as books and ephemera which have become much sought after. The Society’s Charitable Trust funds bursaries and seminars to assist in the education of future generations which will be involved in printing and related activities.’

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From O2 to the Olympics

Evening Reception at the Art Workers’ Guild
6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT

Gary Holt is a graphic designer, and a founding partner of branding agency SomeOne Limited, based in Shoreditch. With over twenty years in branding (he was formerly Executive Creative Director of Lambie-Nairn). His experience spans a diverse spectrum, with an impressive list of clients. He is the man who helped create the O2 name and brand for BT Cellnet. SomeOne is a design practice that launches, re-launches and protects brands – so their designers have to come up with big ideas.

Gary will take us through some of the major projects he has undertaken at SomeOne over the last few years – from craft to brand worlds. A journey told using O2, The Royal Opera House, Eurostar and The Olympics.

For London 2012, they created an entire brand system – creating designs for sports pictograms, t-shirts, leaflets, sculptures and animations. As Mayor of London Boris Johnson said, these bold, dynamic images capture the energy and colour of the games.’

This promises to be an edifying evening, with insights into a craft that crosses the boundary between design and social anthropology. Book now while tickets last.

The last booking date and last date for cancellations are Friday 9 September.