News7 months ago

FIVE 2021 Transform Awards.

Every year — even when there is a global pandemic — there is one thing you can rely on — The Transform Awards will roll out a stellar cast of judges, pour over the best work in commercial creativity, and bestow their views of what rocked the sector in the last 12 months.

We’ve won at these awards ever since their birth, in 2010 — where we swept up for our rebrand of the Royal Opera House, London.

This year has been no different — seeing gongs land left right and centre for hard won, and carefully crafted projects delivered by the teams at SomeOne over ‘a year like no other’.


Our new name, strategy & visual branding for Unzer stormed the show with three awards. Our reimagining of Friday’s took home a gong too…


Huge thanks to all involved… it’s been a weird year — but a creative and successful one too!

We were particularly delighted to see Karina — one of our brilliant designers — bring home recognition as ‘young contender of the year’ — and quite right too!