A balanced life is a better life.

Based in Central Eastern Europe, Yettel formerly known as Telenor is one of the biggest Telecoms in the region. The PPF Group appointed SomeOne back in 2019 to craft an entirely new brand for its Bulgarian, Hungarian and Serbian markets. The aim to create a more digitally relevant brand for the future.

Telecoms are more relevant today than ever before, they’re a crucial utility that is part of our modern digital lives. They keep us connected with our friends and family and more recently the abundant pieces of tech that we wear or have in our homes.

“Insight revealed that whilst technology was exciting and compelling to many, to others it could feel overwhelming, complex and confusing – that ‘life was happening to us, not for us’. Based on this we created the overarching strategy when technology is ‘balanced with life’. Focuses on the balance that technology can bring to customers lives. Home life and work life, when to switch on and when to with off, of balancing family time with me time”
Gary Holt Founder and Exec Strategic Director

Launch TVC

With so many Telecoms competing to retain and gain new customers it isn’t enough to focus on the gigabytes and megabytes and how reliable a network is — those are all key hygiene factors for all big mobile providers — they’re a given. That’s why Yettel’s first TVC launch created in collaboration with Joe Fellows at Make Productions focusses on understanding its customers and the balance we are all trying to gain in our daily lives.

Simple shapes, slick motion behaviours a striking digital palette and an iconic sonic logo created by Zelig has brought a different pace to the sector, focussing on a balanced life rather than selling bags of data. Yettel was born to do things a little bit differently, to empower its customers.

The task was to create a new telco brand that is born into this century. Designed for the needs of the future while respecting our customers’ needs of today. SomeOne managed to fulfil this brief 100%.

The contemporary design, digital approach as well as the unique brand strategy promises to bring balance to people’s lives through the services we provide.

The brand has scored highly in research across the regions, with consistently excellent post-launch results.

Lenka RosolováHead of brand

Brand Imagery

The essence of finding balance brings a moment of effortlessness into our lives and this sentiment is brought to life through Yettel’s brand imagery. Working alongside renowned sport photographer Shamil Tanna and a team of talented trampolinists we were able to capture motionless moments that capture Yettel’s key customer personas — the outcome, a set of ownable and recognisable branded imagery that goes against the grain of smiling stock imagery that the sector has become known for.


A digital brand requires a digitally relevant typeface. Informed by the circular forms that appear throughout the brand, the typeface is friendly in its appearance and highly functional in how it is activated across the brands communications. It makes up the brands logo and monogram which is a necessity for multi-channel digital needs — a cohesive asset touching across all of the brands messaging.

With an extended Cyrillic glyph set required we partnered with Colophon on the creation of the bespoke typeface who crafted 3 weights for the newly branded Telco.

With an abundant amount of offerings and complex topics, Sam Peet’s illustrations are used internally and externally, adding charm wherever they appear.

They create the internal engagement offering, named Yettel Town for 3000+ employees, which is formed of a continuous landscape illustration. All 3 HQs have the illustrations placed as super graphics across corridors, meeting rooms, canteen areas, lifts and other environmental spaces, bringing with them a refreshing appeal for the Yettel teams. A variety of Yettel illustrated merchandise has been created from stickers to totes to socks, getting everyone immersed into the new brand.

With an ever growing selection of products and connected services we partnered with weareseventeen to bring to life Yettel’s extensive iconography. Taking onboard the effortless sentiment of finding a moment of balance, the animated icons pulse and flex in a continuous motion helping highlight key messages and products in a variety of colourways.

Telcos have an integral role to play in our daily lives, the need to compete on a data and a price point level has become less relevant. We require more, an opinion, something that is actually going to add value to our daily lives and that is exactly what the team at Yettel understood. With a digitally focussed brand that stands for more, we’re excited for Yettel’s lime future.

Shaun TurnbullCreative Director

With an extensively fresh and digitally focused BrandWorld SomeOne were able to touch on every interaction the customer has with the brand. Ranging from the first tap on the app icon with DiNa to how the brand was brought to life in the retail environment with Bradka and of course not forgetting the neon lime SIM card which is the customers first real and tangible experience with the brand.

Yettel stands out in a saturated telco market by being one thing; simple. The clarity of Yettel communications means we’re empowering customers with low tech literacy and offering a balanced life to those with a collection of devices.

Kate HendrySenior designer

It was important when creating the Yettel brand that everything worked together from a monolithic perspective and for that reason, Yettel’s Business offering has all the same characteristics that the consumer brand has. It is elevated into the 3D world bringing differentiation, from one deal to the other.

Stink productions created the real world geometric forms for the business owner imagery and the Mills expertise injected some slick motion into the Business trading visuals. Collectively creating a cohesive set of assets for Business by Yettel.