Rebranding Indonesia’s largest telecommunications company…

Telkomsel is a powerhouse of the telecoms world. As Indonesia’s largest telecommunications provider, it has over 160+ million customers.

As a leading tech and telco brand it was keen to present a bold, modern, digital face across the Indonesian islands as well as to the wider world.

Operating since 1995 it has become the market’s leading telecommunications provider, with the widest and most reliable coverage and most diverse and valuable range of products and services.

But the Indonesia of 2021 is vastly different from that of 1995. So too telecoms, and what the sector enables its customers and partners to do.

Indonesians are leading in digital technology more than ever. With an understanding of its true potential – and are hungry for ‘more’ – in every aspect of their lives.

Today, it’s no longer enough for Telkomsel to be just a telecommunications company. The brand and its products and services need to more effectively connect with Indonesians. Empowering new ways to live, work and play; and ultimately helping Indonesians reach their true potential.

That’s why Telkomsel has undergone an end-to-end transformation of their business and brand, to better serve this new expectation of Indonesians – lead by the partnership of SomeOne, VCCP Singapore and Good Relations, and supported by Telkomsel’s range of agencies, including Romp, H+K, Fjord, IDAC and Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Brand Company.

Our unrivalled experience in the creation and rejuvenation of leading brands in the telecommunications sector – including O2, Three, T-Mobile, Telefónica, Movistar, BT, Ice, Lebara, Giffgaff and more, was pivotal to our selection. Alongside the compelling combination of BrandWorld methodology, Brand Strategy and end-to-end delivery.

million customers

The Brand Strategy

With every great brand story, there comes a crucial turning point – where fundamental changes in technology, consumers and markets converge.

Driven by this, we started by identifying a new brand purpose. A purpose that is inspired by the times we live in. With the immense promise that technology holds. Fuelled by success stories of next-generation heroes, everyday Indonesians are no longer content with just ‘good enough’.

With all of this considered, the Telkomsel brand purpose becomes clear: To empower and inspire Indonesians to lead more fulfilling lives through digital services which ‘Open a World of More’.

The BrandWorld

Everything that Telkomsel does has its roots in Indonesia. Even though the business is changing with the times, and is seen and respected in global terms, Telkomsel should never forget the core of its ideals. Of where it comes from. It’s sense on place.

The new, modern, and multinational brand Telkomsel is inspired by the Indonesian culture. Diversity. Colours. The spirit and energy of Indonesia.

Telkomsel’s new brand is inspired by the curves and the different motifs of batik and art.

We immersed ourself in the arts and culture of Indonesia, to find a visual language that is inherently Indonesian – yet appropriately modern and digital.

The Telkomsel BrandWorld is designed to be optimistic, to open up worlds of opportunities for it’s customers and partners.

Introducing The Portal

As a brand that’s filled with optimism for tomorrow, our Portal is a window into a world of more. Born out of the logo, the Portal becomes a recognisable brand asset. Inviting, modern and fit for a digital world. Through different guises and behaviours, the Portal has endless possibilities, framing and transporting us to new places.

What was so great about working with the team, was their ability to lead, to assert and to know when to push back. To be able to take on new perspectives. To blend ideas and come up with things that together became even better!

Rachel GohCMO

Central to the BrandWorld is the Telkomsel ‘portal’.  A gateway to a new world. A world designed to be full of digital engagement, games, video, music, quality entertainment for all. A world where customers have a reliable and trusted telecommunications partner that enables them to explore all the possibilities the Internet has to offer. This symbol is informed directly by our positioning of ‘Open a World of More’.

Gary HoltSomeOne Founder and lead for the Telkomsel programme

Bespoke typeface

A new Telkomsel font, created by Indonesian font foundry Degarism, was a result of local knowledge and research. A typeface with character proudly rooted in its Indonesian heritage – yet designed for a future-facing, digital world.

Working with SomeOne on the brand rejuvenation of Telkomsel was a brilliant experience for all of us in VCCP Singapore. It brought the best of geographies, culture, and skills together to help Telkomsel on their way to becoming a world-class brand. And while we brought different perspectives and benefits together, we shared the same commitment and passion to writing a new story for Telkomsel that would create enduring value to an entire nation.

Craig MaplestonRegional Director, VCCP Singapore


A brand built around opportunity required imagery that celebrated Indonesian life and the Telkomsel products that enable this. From rural connectivity, to city travel, a photography library captured these moments. Shot over six days in Jakarta and Bali. Running alongside the lifestyle imagery, were studio portraits showing customers actively jumping toward a world of more.

… the telco “wants to constantly bring a new spirit that will be reflected in all commitments and the development of its business lines. This new Telkomsel will also open up various opportunities and possibilities for the effective use of the latest digital technology with cross-sector collaboration that can further empower every line of life of the nation, now and in the future.”

Hendri Mulya SyamTelkomsel's president director

Moving to a Masterbrand

The rich diversity of Telkomsel’s offering over 26 years had led to a house of brands, comprising over 50+ different identities. Research told us that the most valuable asset across all of these brands was the Telkomsel. The ‘Masterbrand’.

Coupling this compelling finding with consumer desire for clearer, more simplified and more personalised choices, we worked closely with the internal teams to migrate the majority of the separate sub-brands under one Masterbrand architecture. 

Creating a cohesive approach for over 52 Products and Services.

With so many different styles and logos affiliated with Telkomsel the brand became confusing.

By introducing our bespoke typeface and photography style we were able to create a more consistent and familiar style for all of Telkomsel’s Products and Services. As a result the consumer is no longer confused or lose trust across so many touch points.

From 52, to 26 products and services

We wanted to establish Telkomsel as an industry leader, but also a brand for the future. Bright, optimistic and full of opportunity. The introduction of the portal amplifies a new personality which feels positive, inclusive and culturally relevant.

Andy GoodeSenior Design Lead, SomeOne


An iconography suite was created to help simplify the digital customer journey. The icons were informed by the same Batik style found within the logo, helping to create a seamless brand experience.

A brand that comes to life in a digital environment

By introducing bespoke typeface, photography and the Portal brand property, templates were created to find a consistent solution across all Telkomsel’s products and services. From digital ads, to social campaigns, a flexible system allowed multiple touchpoints and products to feel connected for the first time.

Moving from screen to a physical world, the Portal organically becomes a hand gesture, feeling culturally relevant.

Working on the rejuvenation of Telkomsel throughout the pandemic has been both hugely challenging and rewarding. Whilst we thrive on face to face, in-person client relationships, the success of this project has proven we can deliver outstanding work across the globe and doing it entirely remotely.

Ben FieldCentral Account Manager

A launch party like no other

A brand and campaign launch, alongside an awards show, resulted in quite a show. A true celebration of the new Telkomsel, with social engagement through the roof.

Thanks to the work of SomeOne and their wider partnership team, we see that the brand is not just a logo, it is an experience and a relationship. Design for the now and for the future.

Rachel GohTelkomsel CMO