Saving with Sunshine.

HomeSun likes to think that homes that aren’t self sufficient in some way will be the odd ones out, not the other way round.

So, they are going to use their commitment and business ingenuity to break down barriers of price and confusing complexity, and to make it easy for homes to generate their own energy.

SomeOne created the strategy, the branding, the illustration and even a bespoke typeface to launch the new energy brand.

£100 million
Aviva purchased HomeSun for £100,000,000 in 2012

We even wrote it. What more could any brand ask for? (Oh, and yes, the solar panels do work in the UK, even with cloudy skies!)

HomeSun launched free solar across the UK and became the No 1 installer for free solar and SolarShare. Our plan has always been to find a long term partner that will continue to provide security to our customers whose systems will be managed and monitored for 25 years. Aviva Investors has demonstrated itself to be the ideal choice throughout the process. HomeSun will continue to work with all of our customers, supporting all of the installations and developing the next innovation in products and services.

Daniel GreenCEO, HOMESUN

Under the agreement, HomeSun will continue to service and maintain Aviva’s portfolio of solar arrays. However, the insurance giant has also signalled its intent to use the purchase as a platform to increase its portfolio of renewable technologies – particularly solar photovoltaic installations. The company has also hinted that it will begin to develop its own solar PV projects. Source