Rebranding one of technology’s fastest growing global brands.

HCLTech is the new name for one of the fastest growing global technology companies on the planet.

We were tasked with the launch of an entirely new brand identity, underpinned by our fresh position of Supercharging Progress™ to reflect its commitment to clients, its people, communities and the planet.

The company’s new HCLTech brand is at the heart of its go-to-market strategy and represents its differentiated portfolio of services and products that supercharge digital transformation for enterprises at scale.

An entirely reconsidered design system, communications platform & messaging have been developed to be deployed across thousands of touch-points around the planet.

‘In 52 countries — powered by over 211,000+ employees — this global brand is fully embracing new ways to best engage with people excited about tomorrow.’

Mark SmithCreative Director, SomeOne

As the company nears the $12 billion revenue mark, Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Chairperson at HCLTech described the announcement as an evolution for HCLTech to embrace a distinct global brand identity while retaining connectivity with HCL Group.

‘For HCLTech, Supercharging Progress is about accelerating the digital transformation for our clients everyday as well as the ethos of the organization to advance the aspirations of our people, contribute to a sustainable planet and uplift local communities across our global footprint.’

Roshni Nadar MalhotraChairperson, HCLTech.

C Vijayakumar, CEO & Managing Director, HCLTech said,

“Today, we are proud to share our purpose statement – to bring together the best of technology and our people to supercharge progress. 

Our purpose accelerates our journey to be the digital partner of choice for global enterprises through differentiated services and products and being an employer of choice for top talent.

It also underscores our responsibility to continue contributing toward inclusive growth of communities where we operate and a sustainable planet for the generations to come.”

Supercharging Progress captures the essence of what we do today and our aspiration of what we want to do more of – at scale, at speed, for our clients, for our people, communities and planet.

C VijayakumarCEO & Managing Director, HCLTech.

HCLTech is a global technology company, home to 211,000+ people across 52 countries, delivering industry-leading capabilities centred around digital, engineering and cloud, powered by a broad portfolio of technology services and products.

The firm works with clients across all major verticals, providing industry solutions for Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Technology and Services, Telecom and Media, Retail and CPG, and Public Services.

Consolidated revenues as of 12 months ending June 2022 total $11.8 billion.

“A major milestone in HCLTech’s exciting journey as we carve out a distinct brand identity and purpose that will power us – at speed – on this next chapter of our journey,” said Jill Kouri, Chief Marketing Officer, HCLTech.


‘With such a rich heritage, world-class delivery and emphasis on client service, we will always embody a spirit of flexibility and commitment to being a true partner, in the trenches with our clients every step of the way.’

Jill KouriChief Marketing Officer, HCLTech.
160% up
160% more visitors to HCLTech.com after brand launch — 25% increase in online mentions

After an extensive strategic review took place, engaging with hundreds of staff and customers across the organisation, the most visible part of the project will initially be a new visual and verbal identity to support the new expression of Supercharging Progress™

The new name HCLTech is created from a bespoke typeface — cut in three weights and deployed globally across physical, print & pixel applications.

New colour systems have been developed for high readability in all scenarios.

Rigorously designed iconography, created to work responsively at small, large and extra large sizes.

Custom photography with signature lighting has been shot and crafted.

New animated approaches to bring the branding to life wherever there is a screen.

And a new visual theme in the shape of ‘the beam’ — a dynamic brand grid that creates endless visual patterns in a unified and recognised way — able to signify key directions, divisions and offers from the HCLTech portfolio.

15.8% up
Revenues up 15.8% YoY

The new work will be rolling out across HCLTech estate over the next few months — connecting the many parts of the global business.

Everything can be improved by the smart application of technology — From Banking to Retail to Travel… But so much work in the sector only results in imperceptible change. HCLTech specialises in giving products, services and organisations the ability to take leaps — not just steps — to Supercharge Progress™ through better technology.

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne.
18.9% Growth
The service business grew 18.9% YoY in 2022
30% up
30% increase in Brand Familiarity — 15% rise in Brand consideration — Brand Valuation up 7% (Highest in sector)

The launch film (above) — Saw 2,034,764 views in 2 weeks.

Now we’ve got the great brand position of ‘supercharging progress’, as well as this exciting new visual identity — it’s been a galvanising force across all audiences.

Jill KouriSpeaking on Storyboard 18

‘While IT services brands are facing weakening demands, it is exciting to see HCLTech grow by 7% in their sector,’ said David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance. ‘The brand’s new purpose and employee value proposition, along with a new logo and visual identity, is helping change their perception and build awareness as a digital partner of choice for global enterprises through its differentiated services and products, as well as become an employer of choice for top talent.’

EBIT 18% up
Since rebrand QoQ

Huge thanks to the entire team at HCLTech globally.