Worldpay Zinc


Pay by card: Zinc It.

Taking Chip & PIN card payments is quick and secure. It saves time and money. But until now, only bigger companies could afford to pay for it.

Now, with WorldPay Zinc card payments can be in the hands of sole traders and small businesses. Literally. WorldPay Zinc is the low-cost, low-commitment way to accept card payments. Virtually anywhere and any time.

It’s simple to set up and use, and your payments appear in your account usually within four working days. No more chasing overdue payments. Simply pay as you go, on a monthly basis. And you can track all your payments online or on the go through the WorldPay Zinc app.

This new brand comes from the number one payment provider in the UK — WorldPay. As a global leader in the field, with over 20 years’ experience, they work in more than 40 countries worldwide.

SomeOne was appointed to create the name and visual brand identity which centres around representing the high speed digital payments — represented by high speed photography capturing the moment when two elements meet.

WorldPay Zinc provides a smart new way for people to take payments anywhere. We took the idea of buyer and seller coming together to create a rapid transaction. With this product the magic happens when transactions occur – buyer and seller – two colours coming together. The frozen shots are a rapid unseen moment in time, just like the millions of payments WorldPay process daily. The perfect metaphor for the new service.’ Says SomeOne’s Designer Mark Smith.

The imagery was all shot by photographer Simon Warren — using airborne paint pigment and a high speed photo-rig.

At WorldPay we’re helping lead the transformation of our industry. We’ve invested tens of millions of pounds in the most advanced payments technology. Thousands of small and large businesses in the UK already enjoy simple, secure transactions with us. Thanks to WorldPay Zinc, now almost any small business can take card payments. We are delighted with the new brand and look forward to seeing it develop.’ — Says Alastair Douglas, Marketing Director, WorldPay Zinc.

‘This new branding brings charm to the category of payments. WorldPay Zinc has taken a smart move to be far more visually entertaining to better connect with a wider audience.’ Says SomeOne Founder, Simon Manchipp

SomeOne continues to work with WorldPay Zinc as the brand roll-out continues. The devices will initially be available to buy in John Lewis. With other major retailers soon to follow.