More mobile communications.

We’ve recently been helping Tesco Mobile bring a little more colour to their world.

The brief was simple – to make the Tesco Mobile brand, particularly the communications a little more colourful, but without contradicting the core brand colour and identity.

The opportunity was to introduce a colour palette and a colour system that not only introduced a wider warmer palette, but to do so in a way that added a branded Tesco Mobile touch.

By starting with the core Tesco Mobile blue, and ‘moving it sideways’ we have been able to reveal deeper blues, purples, greens – always related to their core brand colour, but different.

To increase the warmth of the colours, without having to introduce an even wider palette, we’ve looked to give the colours a touch of depth and character.

Icons and design elements have been placed into a lit environment, where they are able to cast subtle shadows – giving a little depth and character to what are ordinarily flat graphics

The initial roll out of this new extended colour palette and colour branding approach can be seen online, notably with the suite of icons and information support diagrams.