Meet Arlo… he loves started in 2005 because they thought we could sell a better sofa, at a better price, than any high street store.

Secondly, they wanted to cut the bull, so no phoney sales, free goldfish-in-a-bag with every order or pressure-selling; just great sofas and beds, incredible customer service and great value.

These days, they find their previous customers like us so much they not only come back for more but go on to recommend them to their friends and family, which makes them really chuffed.

Everything is customisable… they buy fabrics by the kilometre, direct from the mill. Why? Because that way they can bring in Europe’s finest fabrics for surprisingly little cash.

And if you really want to push the boat out, they also do custom fabrics by everyone from Ralph Lauren to Colefax and Fowler.

They have a degree in comfy…
For them, lounging around is vital work. They’ve spent over 30,000 hours slouching, sitting, slumping and sprawling, all with the aim of creating the comfiest sofas on earth. Tough job!

There is a long history in advertising of Spokes Creatures working very hard for brands — with Arlo, we’re shaping a way for to populate culture, rather than contribute to the land-fill of communications


Now they’ve opened in New York. Same service, same ideas, just a different accent.

SomeOne has been tasked with co-ordinating and creating the launch advertising for in the city that never sleeps.

We’ve done this by creating a new character for the organisation. He’s called Arlo.

Arlo is a lovely chap. A web-designer by day. He works at home, a lot. But is a big fan of movies, popcorn and cuddling up with his girlfriend at night on one of his Sofas. Of which he has collected quite a few from

Oh, and he’s a Dog.
A wire fox terrier to be precise.

Arlo will be leading the march for the brand in America — bringing better sofas to better people all over New York.

The campaign out performed the sector by a ratio of 12:1

‘We’ve created an extensive back story for this new launch to give the campaign a greater reach.’ said SomeOne’s Design Director, Karl Randall ‘Arlo has plenty of things up his sleeves’

Those sleeves by the way have been very carefully chosen by SomeOne’s Creative Director, Laura Hussey ‘Arlo’s hipster cool persona has been made to come through via a multitude of accessories — it’s been immense fun already and we’ve only just got started’

The shoot, in a painfully cool AirBnB in Brooklyn was conducted by long term photographic collaborator Simon Warren & produced by SomeOne’s Rosie Connors.

We’re helping Arlo start to talk to people online, and bring his wisdom to NewYorkers in a variety of print applications.

10 years
Highest click through rate seen by in more than a decade