Brunswick Real Estate


Creating a brand from AI. Mining data from change.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Brunswick Real Estate is the leading Nordic real estate investment manager, investing in real estate and providing credit financing.

Building upon a strong track record of successful real estate investments, Brunswick in early 2020 took a bold decision to put environmental and social sustainability at the core of its business model.

Real estate causes nearly 40% of direct and indirect CO2 emissions globally.


We helped Brunswick identify their ultimate aim. In discussion with their leadership team, it became clear that they had formed a powerful belief that all business should be concerned ultimately with the wellbeing of the planet, and that it is truly an investment risk not to do so. This is a prime directive, recognising the impact real estate has on the environment today and in the future.

Brunswick’s mission therefore is to be a sustainable business that wears its ethical credentials on its sleeve – one that can create social and environmental benefits from its investments, to which it can be held accountable for.

This is in sharp contrast to its competitors and the real estate sector as a whole – in which Brunswick can stand out as a true challenger.


This was no small endeavour. Brunswick have changed their entire business model to define success and profit on trackable results, from energy saving to crime reduction and social wellbeing.

Simply put, they believe that the greater benefits their developments create, the better the financial return.


We helped shape their new declaration, encapsulated in the phrase:

Meaningful change, measured impact.

From this declaration we formed the manifesto for Brunswick.

€2.3 billion
Assets Under Management, Brunswick real estate investments


This was an opportunity to differentiate their business and radically lead from the front in terms of reassessing the industry. The sector traditionally focuses on mass building, large profits, and urban development, rather than sustainable positive impact.


Having such a powerful purpose to build a brand on, we developed a new identity that would not only stand out in the sector but embody a powerful new narrative to back up the spirit of understated, powerful leaders of change.


As the key metric for Brunswick’s success, we decided to use data to form the basis for the identity.

Inspired by ‘elemental’ artists such as Olafur Eliasson, we wanted to create a brand world that could reflect the impact and change that data has on humanity and society.

So we took regional ESG data (environmental, social, and governance (‘ESG’) criteria are a group of standards used by socially conscious investors to screen investments) and made it ‘art’ by developing a radical new painting AI – an automated live visual remix of imagery of people in built environments and expresses them in abstract form, using local environmental data.



Based on the live data of the environments Brunswick have created and are looking to develop, the visual brand applications change. Colour, density, clarity, and composition move to reflect positive and negative impacts — every time you meet the brand, it’s reflective of today.

The brand imagery is constantly updated and changes based on available data. The International Energy Agency’s APIs feed the AI Engine with data. Each day the sum of the available renewable energy production types are displayed: hydro, wind, and thermal for Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway, as well as the air quality index of the Nordics.

Live streamed data interpreted by the AI animation engine for that particular week are displayed on the new website. ‘Data paintings’ are continually created and can be saved and used across the brand applications at any point.

Brunswick’s Painting AI and digital strategy, UX and UI was developed in partnership with Univers Labs.

The word mark itself can be used in a variety of rotated versions along the edges of an application as a deliberate reference to ‘built’ space.

By employing simple, engaging animated diagrams, the data is clear and simple to understand.

We are undergoing the biggest transformation since our company was founded.

For this to work, SomeOne recognised that a bold purpose needs a bold identity.

Using live ESG data and AI ‘Art’ to create our visual identity stretched everyone mentally and technologically, but the result is simply stunning – responsive and alive.

Sara SvedjedalHead of Sustainability, Brunswick

It is a rare pleasure to work with a business that undergone such root and branch transformation to follow such a prime directive so bravely, proving how all real estate investment should work in the future. Brunswick is committed to change.

David LawFounder, Executive Strategic and Creative Director, SomeOne