Hayes & Jarvis


Let’s talk holidays.

SomeOne was asked by leading holiday brand Hayes & Jarvis to create a new strategic position to change the way it behaves, both internally, and externally.

The new work will run through both internal and external communications, it also informs the new advertising campaign — again created by SomeOne — which goes live in January 2017 around the UK.

Beginning in 1952 with holidays to East Africa, Hayes & Jarvis gradually built up a portfolio of amazing destinations. Today, they operate to over 50 countries spanning the Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Far East, Africa, Middle East, and North America, ensuring that they bring customers a holiday that lasts in their memory long after the suntan has faded.

The new strategic work from SomeOne stems from the understanding that while people can buy a ready made holiday off the website, the best trips come from discussing requirements with one of their specialist holiday planners. A service that is free and quicker than endless tweaking of dates and preferences online.

‘Let’s Talk Holidays’ has been embraced by the organisation to better describe their offer and to connect the organisation together in a single endeavour — to cut through the distractions and trivia easily found in the booking of a more adventurous holiday — to create trips that are truly memorable.

The strategic thinking has been translated into a new advertising campaign for the brand that will run across multiple channels from print to pixel.

The new advertising comes from an interesting and authentic position, that Hayes & Jarvis offers a service that can satisfy more of peoples ‘bucket list’ than any other. If you look at the top 100 things to do before you die on Google you get this:

See the Northern Lights. / Ride in a hot air balloon. / See Grand Canyon, Arizona. / Swim with dolphins. / Go on safari. / Sleep under the stars. / Ride in a helicopter. / Go on a road trip.

Their company can help make all of these things happen — in style. So we’ve used this strategic observation and worked with Hayes & Jarvis to build a brand campaign around it.

The Advertising deploys cutting edge technology to create watercolour illustrations digitally — this enables the brand to take a host of holiday imagery, that can veer towards generic travel photography, and make it a signature approach for the brands communications.