Eden Project


In a sector full of anger, a brand of positive action.

The Eden Project are working on the biggest challenge facing humanity: fixing the planetary emergency.

While it is hard it’s not impossible — when people join in.

Our new work for the organisation looks to reinforce Eden Project’s position as a leading voice in the environmental movement.


Gold Award branding winner at the 2024 Transform Awards

It’s serious. You are at risk. We all are, and we have a limited time.

The Eden Project is unusual in that it is able to provide clear and actionable approaches to help avoid threatening environmental events.

The rebranding work — the first in Eden’s 22 year history — completely refreshes their visual identity and formalises its unique, positive approach to the discourse around environmental issues.

A FOCUSSED strategy 

We were selected to help the Eden Project develop an entirely new way of capturing a wider audience. The refocussed strategy of ‘Transforming negatives into positives’ unites every facet of the organisation and comes from the very essence of the organisation.

Crafted Identity

Inspired by organic forms (and the strategic idea of transformation) the new brand reflects the beauty of the natural world.

Mimicking the thought of ‘no straight lines in nature’ the curved linework appears throughout the entirety of the BrandWorld, from logo to property to illustration.

A new brand architecture has also been designed in preparation for the Eden Project’s expansion into new locations, including Morecambe and Dundee, and will enable a more streamlined approach to co-branding with partner organisations.

There are lots of voices complaining about what humans’ have done, and continue to do to Planet Earth. But few that offer viable, clear and positive action plans to reverse the damage. Eden is uniquely able to both raise, answer and guide the biggest concerns regarding humans ability to continue living here successfully — and we’re starting to build a better way to open those conversations with the new brand.

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne

We’ve developed a brand to support a positive movement focused on the power of protecting, repairing and respecting nature. The work also looks to highlight the rewarding connections between people and the natural world.

We need to speak with a louder voice to tackle the challenges facing the planet, and our new identity gives us the platform to do this, helping us to increase our impact amongst existing and new audiences.

Emma EvansChief Marketing Officer, Eden Project

Our reimagined BrandWorld reflects the desire to restore the planet back to its natural balance. Organic and informative — the new identity helps amplify the Eden Project’s voice as a pioneer on the path to a sustainable future.

James BellLead Designer, SomeOne

The new work also evolves the Eden Project tone of voice in the context of the increasing urgency of the planetary emergency.

relaunching the eden brand

In order to launch the new brand we needed a campaign to grab attention and change behaviours.

Using punchy headlines, we flip the negative effects of climate change on their head to frame many of our ongoing issues the climate change.

Eden is a brand that should to be on everyone’s mind and in everyone’s conversations, only then will behaviour start to adapt. The new brand work looks to help open those conversations in the right way at the right time (which is right now).

Rich RhodesECD, SomeOne

The campaign has been brought to life with motion and will feature throughout a number of out-of-home spots, in addition to mainstream press and online.

The Eden Project rebrand comes at such a pivotal time to be shouting about the planetary emergency and highlighting the actions we can all take to create a more sustainable future. With cut-through headlines our ambition is to get people to stop, listen and ultimately change behaviours.

Victoria DavisAccount Director, SomeOne

eden Sessions

To complement the new brand work we’ve also refreshed the Eden Sessions branding — an iconic and unique series of outdoor music concerts held annually against the stunningly lit backdrop of Eden’s famous Biomes. To differentiate from the core brand and inject an element of vibrancy we chose a purple to punch through in comms.

Huge thanks to the entire Eden team.


Simon Manchipp — Founder
Rich Rhodes — ECD
James Bell — Lead Designer
Kyra Marks — Designer
Victoria Davis — Account Director
Rob Clarke — Lettering specialist