D. Thomas Illuminate


Illuminated brand thinking for the beauty sector.

Cliché abounds in the Beauty sector. So the team at SomeOne had their work cut out when they were approached to develop a new brand for D.Thomas. The work needed to give the organisation a voice in a crowded but confused marketplace.

D.Thomas is the UK’s leading light in problem skincare. Based in London, the practice has been pioneering proven processes to alleviate common skin problems, resulting in a more confidence and giving people the best their skin can be.

SomeOne was approached to help the brand make the next step to take their specialist skills, normally the preserve of a lucky few, to a wider audience.

With a new generation of result-driven skin treatments — designed to work at speed for a more convenient walk-in — the new endeavour has launched in Harvey Nichols for 2017.

At the core of the practice is light-based treatments. Stimulating the skins natural restorative systems, the skilled application of light enables skin to rapidly transform. There is a treatment for everyone. For those who want an instant glow, ready for a big event — or those who are seeking regular skin health boosting for deep cleansing, regenerating and repairing, they have a perfect solution.

SomeOne worked with the management team to devise a strategic approach to the new launch. The naming, tiered approach to the treatments (Measured in Lumens) and of course the full visual operating system.

Light as we all know, travels in straight lines — this simple observation led to the development of a visual identity that eschews the need for a logo — but instead creates an instantly useful visual code to be deployed across all primary branded surfaces.

Luxury brands typically fall into the predictable ‘show don’t tell’ slump. But this approach simply leaves beauty brands looking like everyone else. Acres of unattainably flawless skin tones do little to invite further investigation on behalf of the audience. We chose to take a more strategic path to entice a wider audience.

Karl RandallDesign Director, SomeOne

Colour systems come from the spectrums of light used in the treatments. These glows underpin the light patterns — married with reflective silvers to amplify the uplifting feel of the branding.

The market for this service is increasingly international, so we built into the work a subtle reference to a globally understood icon of the UK—the flag.