Creating a global campaign for life changing software…

We are delighted to have been behind the creation of the new international advertising campaign for radical Construction software Bluebeam Revu, with Reed Words.

We have just created a major international advertising campaign for Bluebeam Revu – the leading software for the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

Working closely together, Reed Words & SomeOne collaborated to create a campaign that explains the impact of Bluebeam Revu’s radically impactful features. 

Imagine, you have received the blueprints of the new 67 floor skyscraper.


Your job?

Count how many toilets there are.

On every floor.

(As soon as possible.)

And make sure it’s EXACTLY the right number.
The project depends on it — naturally.

Normally this is a painful, repetitive, and frankly thankless task that has to be completed, checked and then double checked. With significant costly repercussions if an error is made.



Bluebeam’s smart technology can read the plans and give you the right data first time & every time. Leaving human beings to do what they do best, create.

Bluebeam has loads of features, but for new users, it’s the simplest tools that make the biggest impact. The time spent on manual, repetitive jobs drops from days to hours, hours to minutes and minutes to seconds. For architects, engineers and builders, Bluebeam is life-changing. That idea became the foundation of this campaign.

Jade BarrettWriter, Reed Words

Building on US success 

Bluebeam Revu lets construction project partners markup, track and collaborate on the same PDF plan. From anywhere, and in real time.  

With Revu, users can finish tasks 70% faster and with 90% more accuracy than traditional pen-and-paper workflows.

Bluebeam was acquired by Nemetschek for $100 million

Bluebeam Revu is already dominant in the US, where it’s used and trusted by over 90% of top contractors and design-build firms.

To replicate this success in other markets, Bluebeam briefed Reed Words, who had already worked on the brand’s European tone of voice, to create an ad campaign that captured Revu’s transformative qualities for an international audience. 

You wouldn’t imagine technical software to be that exciting. But here, it’s all consuming. The new work is holding a mirror up to the audience. 

Simon ManchippFounder, SomeOne.

Bluebeam appeals to Architects / Engineers / Contractors / Specialist Contractors / Estimators & Site Managers.

So our communications are tailored to them — and reflect the real life reactions we observed in interviews.

The relief, surprise, interest and downright joy exhibited — when told the more repetitive parts of the job can be automated — was our inspiration.

SomeOne developed a hyper-realistic style of photography with photographer Simon Sorted for the campaign visuals. 

New audiences need to hear about Bluebeam’s basic features. But we wanted the messaging to move beyond functionality – to land an emotional punch that lives up to the core concept. So we focused our headlines on how Bluebeam takes care of the repetitive tasks that drain hours from the working day.

Jade BarrettWriter, Reed Words.

The outdoor campaign has already been launched in Australia, ahead of its UK launch in late September.

The campaign is also set to run extensively in several European markets, including Denmark, Germany & Sweden.

The company's software has more than 1.2 million users

We’re thrilled with how this campaign has turned out, SomeOne & Reed Words have understood our brand perfectly from the start, they’ve captured the impact and spirit of Bluebeam in an inspiring way. We’re excited to see it roll out

Jon SetzenExecutive Creative Director. Bluebeam

UltraHD portraits capture the moment when potential customers discover the power of Bluebeam. We wanted to reflect that visual expression of wonder, as it’s what new users express when the penny drops…

Rich RhodesCreative Director, SomeOne.