Africa’s most exciting Airline.

FastJet, which is listed in London, launches it’s first flights from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa at the end of this month.


Gold, Transform Awards 2013, Best Rebrand following a Merger or Acquisition

Gold, Transform Awards 2013, Best Implementation of a Rebrand

Gold, Transform Awards 2013, Best Use of a Visual Property

A growing fleet of A319 aircraft will begin to fly across East Africa and will service a cross-continental network. A fleet of 40 planes is planned over the next 4 years.

Commenting on the new brand, Ed Winter, FastJet’s CEO said ‘The African Grey is renowned for its intelligence and therefore the perfect personification of the FastJet motto; Smart Travel’.

SomeOne was appointed to create the branding for the launch of the new Airline after a three way pitch in the summer, and have created not only the branding, but also the advertising across Radio, Print, Poster and Press with AccessLeoBurnett in Nairobi.

The strategic new identity has been applied by SomeOne across all primary branded surfaces — From the plane livery to staff uniforms.

‘We hope that our friendly new mascot and logo will soon become universally recognised as symbols of reliability, efficiency and safety’ said Mr Winter.

FastJet has recently bought the African airline Fly540 which operates in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana & Angola and it is envisaged that over time, the Fly540 brand will be replaced by the fastjet brand identity designed by SomeOne.

SomeOne’s Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director, Simon Manchipp said, ‘An airline is one the best opportunities to deploy our BrandWorld thinking — the team at FastJet immediately saw the potential in launching with a wider reaching range of Brand assets from day one.

Colours, Logo’s, Patterns, Typefaces, Systems, Sounds, Films, Animations, Music and of course the new spokes creature — the African Grey — all these create a smart, cohesive brand launch with a strong story at it’s heart.

FastJet is the new smart way for Africa to travel. The organisation has launched with an equally smart way to communicate with it’s customers, staff and public at large.’

The low-cost airline is set to radically revolutionise travel across Africa. With fares as low as $20 — the potential 1hr Tanzania / Nairobi flights will go head to head with $20 bus fares that can take over 14hrs to travel the same 600 mile route.

The brand is backed by Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who will bring to bear his extensive low-cost airline experience and has been involved throughout the branding process.

Why an African Grey Parrot?
The African Grey parrot is widely considered to be one of the most intelligent birds on the planet. It also is known in African mythology for having the ‘kindest and most generous heart’ — The bird is also commonly kept as a family pet and are deeply loved by African people. All perfect connections for Africa’s newest and smarter way to travel.