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Hiring: Designer for Branding.

Graphic designer? Digital twang? Love a branding brief? Read on…

We are

SomeOne, the Shoreditch based, multi-award winning design practice.

We’re looking for a new graphic designer / branding designer / digitally native designer.

One of those people keen to make their mark on AMAZING projects in this AMAZING business…

We’re 30 people. One London studio (Plus one in New York and Berlin and Sydney…)

With a stack of new projects. We need to grow a bit. Not a lot. A bit.

We are rocking branding, packaging, advertising, digital and generally getting into brands big and small — helping shape their futures through the creation of good new things for them.


You are

A year into the job you thought was a winner, you’ve decided there’s more to life than endless guidelines and corrections.
That the everyday isn’t making your day and you want a bit more from this design lark. We could help there.


We’re all about making the most of change. Hopefully you’ll be in a similar mode.


The deal

Be the most exciting person in the room, make it happen.

  • You’ll be placed right in with the best of them. No ranking, no politics, no flim-flam. Just great briefs, for great clients.
  • You’ll be working with everyone at SomeOne.
  • Excellent knowledge of the core Adobe programs (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) is a must.
  • Knowledge of UX design sensibilities, WCAG guidelines, Sketch and prototyping software is definitely a plus.

And hey, might even be fluent in a few other channels. Skills in After Effects, Cinema 4D and basic knowledge of HTML/CSS can only help.

A good grasp of written English and the mindset to see copy as an integral part of design is an advantage. As is the ability to lead projects, present work to a team, manage your time, hit deadlines and the powers to do that thing where you rub your belly and tap your head at the same time.

Most of all we need great ideas from people that can get them down in a way that makes people stop and stare, (in a good way).

Drop us a line with your PDFolio and let’s start the next chapter of your career in what is supposed to be a fun business — right?


If you have an infectious laugh… (but no infections)

If you think you’d like to leave your current design job to give that laugh more airtime
If you love ideas. Branding. Craft and design
If you a whizz on the Mac. If you make magic from Adobe Clouds

That is great news! You sound terrific.
What are you waiting for?


Let’s do this…


We’re done here
If you have around 2 years experience. Rock at being a designer with great ideas. We are interested in talking to you.
Even if you’ve applied before—apply again; we may have accidentally missed your magic (sorry).

Send your PDFolio and an idea of what £ gets you out of bed in the morning to (yes, the tall one) and SomeOne will get back to you A.S.A.F.P.