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Hiring: Digital Designer looking for next step.

If you’re a London-based digital designer with a love for branding this is the role you’ve been looking for…

We are…

SomeOne; the Shoreditch-based, multi-award winning design practice and we’re looking for a digitally native UI designer with 2 to 4 years experience who loves bring brands to life online!

Behind the launch, relaunch and management of brands worldwide, we have studios in: London, Berlin, HongKong, Sydney & New York.

We’re 30 people. One studio. Fridges full of drinks (some boozy!), a cinema, a library, a weekly Thursday party (why not?) — and more talent than should be legal to be in one building. We love what we do and we’ve just won a stack of new projects.

We are rocking strategy, experiences, branding, advertising — it’s all transformative, and either contains digital — or stems from it.


You are…

A couple of years into the job you thought was a winner, you’ve decided there’s more to life than unappreciated updates, that the everyday isn’t making your day and you want a bit more from this creative lark.

We could help there.

We’re all about change, and making it rock. Hopefully you’ll be in a similar mode.

Simon ManchippFounder

The deal

We need you to come and join the party, be the most exciting person in the room and make things happen.

  • You’ll be placed right in with the best of them. No ranking and no politics, no flim-flam. Just great briefs, for great clients.
  • You’ll be working with everyone at SomeOne.
  • You’re autonomous and having excellent knowledge of Sketch and the core Adobe Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) is a must.
  • Knowledgeable in UX processes and design sensibilities
  • Aware of WCAG guidelines and able to use prototyping software (such as Marvel or InVision).

And hey, even better if you’re fluent in a few other channels. Skills in After Effects, DevTools and basic knowledge of HTML/CSS can only help.

Attention to detail, pixel-precision, a good grasp of written English and the mindset to see copy as an integral part of design is an advantage.

As is the ability to present work to a team, manage your time, hit deadlines and the powers to do that thing where you rub your belly and tap your head at the same time.

Most of all we need somebody with great ideas from people that can get them done.

Get involved

If you have around 2 to 4 years experience, rock at being a UI designer with great ideas and love our 404 page; we’re interested in meeting you.

Drop us a line with your PDFolio (or a link to your website) and an idea of what £ gets you out of bed in the morning to and let’s start the next chapter of your career in what is supposed to be a fun business — right?

Email and SomeOne will get back to you A.S.A.P.