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Hiring Junior Designer.

We’re looking to expand our London team — if you are a Junior Graphic designer, with a keen interest in branding and all it visually entails… read on…


Junior Designers have an important hands-on design role at SomeOne. The majority of creative work travels through them. They are responsible for fresh thinking and the execution of the way brand ideas are made visual, and contribute to the amplification and development of strategic thinking. They work with teams made of Middleweights, Seniors, Design Directors… and deliver continually brilliant work throughout projects.

Juniors are anything but junior… they are conceptual radicals, bringing fresh new perspectives and energy to projects. They push design forwards – with original ideas & design skills.

Junior Designers work with our Middleweights, Seniors, Design Directors, but can often take a project on and lead the way.

You’ll be doing…

Many things that make up a branding programme… Multi-faceted as you are, your focus will be to be a designer on projects. ‘Big ideas, beautifully made.’ has been our approach from Day 1. We’re still in love with that. It includes a love for strategy, sounds, writing, animations, illustrations…

You’ll be great at…

  • BEING VISUAL — Bring compelling brand strategies to life as through creating original visual assets for ambitious clients.
  • BEING CONCEPTUAL — Develop ideas from scratch and carry them through to deployment — We generally like to make systems based on concepts not just aesthetics.
  • BEING SOCIAL — Talk, laugh and debate with other designers. Articulating your design ideas and how they express the brand strategy is pivotal to success.
  • BEING AWARE — You should know and be fascinated by the world of commercial creativity. Have strong views, and bring them to the studio daily — but hold them lightly!

You’ll need:

  • 1-2 years of hands-on experience, ideally in the creation of branding.
  • Minimum BA degree in Graphic Design.
  • Know the core disciplines of graphic design.
  • Skills in Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign – Knowing: motion, code, 3D, etc — Terrific.

You’ll think…

  • …about brands in many sectors and the impact they can have.
  • …ambitiously & positively about the future of these brands.
  • …about the strategic side of our work and how you can amplify it.
  • …about content as well as visuals.
  • …about presenting work with flair, belief and passion.
  • …experimentally, trying new tools and techniques outside of the everyday.

In return…

We want everyone at SomeOne to feel like SomeOne special. Many creative companies describe themselves as a ‘family.’ But we don’t want talented people to have to put up with the dumb brother or spoilt sister (like families do) — so we model ourselves on sports teams. Everyone works together to win. That can be winning a pitch, or getting to the most ambitious ideas. We’re competitive, but collectively and collaboratively so… think of us like a Formula 1 team of commercial creativity.

Through hiring well, we work to make SomeOne a creative practice where all of your colleagues are brilliant at what they do. The value and satisfaction of being in a team like this is not to be underestimated. This is evidenced by many of our people working at SomeOne for longer than you’ll find in other more traditional design companies.

We believe that a great creative firm consists of brilliant people that chase ambitious common goals. Working with these teams you’ll learn the most, create your best work, improve yourself, and enjoy life more.

Of course, you’ll get paid, but possibly more interesting are the benefits and people you’ll work with.

  • ThirstyThursdays: Late Afternoon sessions where we look at the ideas we’re working on and provoke new ones.
  • The actually useful health stuff. Get free eye tests and glasses, and a host of other benefits…
  • Lunch & Learn. Visiting lectures from leading varied voices.
  • Friday: Drinks and snacks to kick off the weekend
  • Pension: Not that interesting, until you retire, then very interesting indeed.
  • The SomeSummer Party: 15 years of international weekenders mean we know how to throw a big summer celebration, and you’re invited.
  • Daily: a variety of fruit, espresso, snacks and drinks.
  • Not Working: 21 days paid holiday.
  • Growth and development plan.

To apply please email

Please enclose a PDFolio of your 5 best projects or link to Folio Website.
A short cover letter and CV is useful too.
Due to the high number of applicants please don’t be offended if we don’t reply.

Only successful applicant will be contacted.